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This mod aims to add a nuclear post-apocalyptic feeling to the Commonwealth by modifying the different weather types of the vanilla game and adding many more. It completely revamps the feeling of the game.

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                     Apocalyptic Weather - FellIN

Image by MadGodSheogorath


This mod aims to implement a nuclear post-apocalyptic feeling to the Commonwealth by modifying the different weather types of the vanilla game and adding many more. This is my vision on how a wasteland is supposed to look 200 years after worldwide atomic annihilation. Makes the wasteland look cruel and unforgiving no ta walk in the park like the vanilla game in my opinion.

I've altered the vanilla weather types as well as adding a few more, all of them with a post-apocalyptic feel, There are some "crazy" weather types but this mod wasn't aimed to achieve crazyness, but rather a general ambient change.

I was thoroughly disappointed with the general feeling that the wasteland projected in comparison with previous instances of the franchise such as Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Even though some people complained a lot of the "sickly" green or orange filters used in those games I felt that this is what gave them their originality and attractiveness, so in this mod I decided to change the different weather types to create this games own post-apocalyptic "filter" , although, with much more variety.
This mod aims to be the counterpart of the mod "FellOut" of previous games, hence the ridiculous name


-New and modified vanilla weather types
-Darker nights
-Interior lightning revamped

Update 0.91 ALPHA 1

-Interior lightning revamped
-4 new weather types - images
-General improvements
-Night revamped. Improved visibility

Update 0.91 ALPHA 1 Released!:
-Changed ONLY weather types during daytime hours

Weather ID's update 0.91A

(the ones that start with 010 depend on your load order, simply change 010 to whatever number you've this mod loaded into. In order to see this number you must view it with a mod manager such as the nexus

Clearsky - fw 0802FFFD
Dead Money - fw 0102b401
ClearGreen - fw 0802FFFE
Polluted - fw 001EB2FF
Silent Hill - fw 01013fa0 
Old Polluted - fw 01016D37
Fallout 3 - fw 00216A98
Grey dawn - fw 0802bb9b
Fallout 3 cloudy - fw 01013801
Fallout NV - fw 01013F9C
Foggy - fw 001C3473
Clear Polluted - fw 01013065
Dust Storm - fw 001F61A1
Misty - fw 001CC186
Overcast - fw 001EB2FF
Overcast01 - fw 001C8556
GreenRain - fw 001CA7E4
Orangecalypse - fw 001CD096

Future plans for final update 1.0

-Implementation in DLC's
-Different versions (normal nights, lighter storms, even less saturated and more)
-More weather types


1. Copy the .esp file in your Fallout4/Data folder.
2. Activate it with your preferred mod manager or from the main menu.
3. Play a post-apocalyptic game.


-It's not fully compatible with other weather mods
-Compatibility patches will be created  for mods like True Storms or Nuclear Weather in future updates
-If this mod is loaded last, It could work properly with the mods mentioned above, although tweaks in climate must be made to make it 100% functional.