Fallout 4

About this mod

This mod gives you more control over how you want your lamps to look!
- Increase lamp range from 50% up to 500%!
- Increase pipboy range from 30% up to 300%!
- Make Pipboy into a spotlight!
- Add shadows to your lamps!
- Change colour, brightness and patterns!

Permissions and credits
    Pipboy Direction
        Omnidirectional             Default game setting. Light shines in all directions with no pattern.
        Unidirectional                Makes the Pipboy lamp into a front facing spotlight.
        WARNING - Although Unidirectional works. It does have some unusual side effects. Please seen Known Issues further down the page!
    Pipboy Range        Increased range will impact performance. Only affects Omnidirectional Pipboy.
        30% Range                     (No Shadows)
        30% Range                     (With Shadows)
        60% Range                     (No Shadows)
        60% Range                     (With Shadows)
        Default                          (No Shadows)
        Default                          (With Shadows)
        200% Range                   (No Shadows)
        200% Range                   (With Shadows)
        300% Range                   (No Shadows)
        300% Range                   (With Shadows)

    Pipboy Colour       Increased range will impact performance. Only affects Unidirectional Pipboy Spotlight.
        Yellow (Default)

    Lamp Range          Increased range will impact performance. This affects Power Armor, Mining Helmet and Pipboy Spotlight lamps!
        50% Range                     (No Shadows)
        50% Range                     (With Shadows)
        Default                          (No Shadows)
        Default                          (With Shadows)
        200% Range                   (No Shadows)
        200% Range                   (With Shadows)
        300% Range                   (No Shadows)
        300% Range                   (With Shadows)
        500% Range                   (No Shadows)
        500% Range                   (With Shadows)
    Replacement PA Headlamp Colours
        Purple - Pink   
    MINING / PIPBOY     Includes the Mining Lamp and Pipboy Lamp if set to unidirectional.
        Narrow Beam
        Very Narrow Beam
        Laser Sight
        X01 Eyes
        Vault Boy
        Vault 111
        Batman Logo
    DIM                        Includes Yellow (Headlamp), Blue (Headlamp Blue) and Purple (Headlamp Purple) This affects some NPC's!
        Narrow Beam
        Very Narrow Beam
        Laser Sight
        X01 Eyes
        Vault Boy
        Vault 111
        Batman Logo
    BRIGHT                  Includes White (Headlamp Bright) and Red (Red Tactical)
        Narrow Beam
        Very Narrow Beam
        Laser Sight
        X01 Eyes
        Vault Boy
        Vault 111
        Batman Logo
    GREEN                    Includes just Green (Headlamp Vault Boy)
        Default                           (Vault Boy)
        Dim Blank
        Bright Blank
        Narrow Beam
        Very Narrow Beam
        Laser Sight
        X01 Eyes
        Vault 111
        Batman Logo

My personal preference for a simple, brighter and narrower selection of lamps is -
Unidirectional Pipboy, 300% Lamp Range+Shadows, MINING/PIPBOY Narrow, DIM Narrow, BRIGHT Narrow and GREEN Narrow.

Recommended Mod Pairing
Darker Nights by unforbidable
Enhanced Wasteland Preset by Razed
Fallout Texture Overhaul Stars by Gorgulla


Tyrannicon's FALLOUT 4 MODS - WEEK #3  (This mod at 1m47)

Version 4.1 (15:55 28/11/15)
- Fix. Added in the yellow unidirectional pipboy spotlight files that were missing.

Version 4.0 (22:25 27/11/15)

- Fix. Extended range of shadows to accommodate light range increase. Previously locked at 7-10ft. Now 20, 30 and 50ft.
- Added colours to the mining lamp and pipboy spotlight! Hooray!!
- Laser sights!
- Re-aligned some lamp textures to make them appear more central.
- Adjusted installer to prevent installation of conflicting pipboy mods and general spit n' polish.

This will likely be my last update (aside from small fixes) as I've poured so many hours into this mod and I haven't got the time any more. Fingers crossed, this should last!


Since this mod is essentially a hack, the result is not perfect. Until we have more accurate tools, this is pretty much the best we can achieve.

When using pipboy spotlight...
- Switching between third person and first person turns off the lamp. Switching it back on fixes this.
- Using in third person will cast a shadow of the player on the left side.
- The lamp appears behind the players right shoulder and causes lense flare from nothingness.
- Sometimes the lens flare from the lamp will vanish, and only reloading the game fixes it.
- The shadow casting range is limited to 50ft. Any further and it causes the minimum cast range to increase as well, which looks terrible!
- Can't see the shadows? They are there, but because the lamp is rigged to the head, it's parallel with what you're looking at so hard to see when
not in third person.

When using crosshair or laser sight pattern...
- The center point does not line up with where I'm aiming. This is due to where the lamps are rigged. I'm unable to change this, only compensate.


HIGHLY recommend using Nexus Mod Manager as it will automate the process besides the ini edits below. If you do not use NMM, please see the Advanced Installation section at the bottom of this page.

As with other replacement mods you will need to make the following adjustments to your ini files in order for the game to recognize it.

Open up your Fallout4Prefs.ini file located in (C:\Users\**YOURPCNAME**\Documents\My Games\Fallout4)
You will need to add the following line below the section marked [Launcher]:


OPTIONAL - Change this line from 0 to 1 if you want NPC's to cast shadows:

Save and close.

Open up your Fallout4.ini file located in (C:\Users\**YOURPCNAME**\Documents\My Games\Fallout4)
REPLACE this line below:  


with this line:


Save and close.

Only the textures bit is necessary, but if you're going to be trying out a lot of mods then it's worthwhile to allow all replacements now so you don't have to do it in the future!


For those crazy enough to attempt installing this without the NMM installer, I salute you. I will keep this as to the point as possible.

In the zip file, you will find a bunch of folders and a ton of esp files. The esp files go into your Fallout 4\Data folder and if you open up the folders, the Textures folder inside also goes into your Data folder (Fallout 4\Data\Textures\...)

General rule of thumb is you can only have ONE file/folder of each prefix. So for example, one bright, one dim, one green, one xxx%...esp and so on. Every file is optional, so don't worry about not including anything. From here I will simply list what you can and can't do:

- Ignore the fomod folder, this is for NMM installer and can stay in the archive.

- For lamp patterns:
    - Pick one bright folder, drag the Textures folder into Data.
    - Pick one dim folder, drag the Textures folder into Data.
    - Pick one green folder, drag the Textures folder into Data.
    - Pick one mining folder, drag the Textures folder into Data.

- If you want OMNIDIRECTIONAL pipboy (with or without shadows):
    - Pick one xxx%pipboy.esp OR xxx%pipboyshadows.esp and copy to data.
- If you want UNIDIRECTIONAL pipboy:
    - Pick pipboyspotlight.esp and copy to Data.
    - OPTIONAL - Pick a COLOURxxx%Shadows.esp OR COLOURxxx%NoShadows.esp and copy to Data.

- For Headlamp, Mining Lamp and Pipboy Range and Shadows:
    - Pick one xxx%Shadows.exp OR xxx%NoShadows.esp and copy to Data.

- If you want a pink headlamp for power armor:
    - Pick one Pinkhlxxx%Shadows.esp OR Pinkhlxxx%NoShadows.esp and copy to Data.
Following these instructions carefully should set you up correctly. If you are still stuck, please ask in the Posts section on the website and somebody should be able to help you.

Used inspiration from pipboy light change to headlamp by Nweiss, to add headlamp functionality to the pipboy in this mod.
Seen in some pictures is the X01 Retexture by HugeBoomer (Minus the frame texture).