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Adds 3 new receivers for the Radium Rifle.
.38 Receiver
.38 Receiver (Rapid Automatic)
.308 Receiver

Permissions and credits

I was disappointed that Far Harbor's Radium Rifle didn't have the ammo conversion receivers that the combat rifle has, so I made them myself.

The .38 Receiver reduces damage by 25%, the Rapid Auto .38 Receiver is the same as the vanilla Rapid Auto Receiver except damage is reduced by 40% and the .308 Receiver does an extra 150% damage.

(I'm open to discussions on balance...)


I've added the new receivers to the 2 vanilla Mod collection records, any mod that alters those will conflict (but the mods will still work for the most part)
The 2 records are:
  • DLC03_modcol_RadiumRifle_Receivers_Auto [OMOD:010407DD], and
  • DLC03_modcol_RadiumRifle_Receivers_SemiAuto [OMOD:010407DE]

Also, as a user of Valdacil's Item Sorting, I've added {Mod} tags to the start of the receiver mods' misc items.
The weapons will make use of the dynamic renaming from VIS, but should stay vanilla without it.


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Made with the Fallout 4 Creation Kit and FO4Edit