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This mod allows you to use workbench during combat situation. you can now cooking crafting in the middle of gunfire.

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  • Introduction
English is not my native language. So if you find some grammatical errors or weird saying in this description feel free to post notice. Thx.

  • Description
This mod changes all 13 crafting workbenches(in vanilla game) can use in combat situation. In vanilla game if you are in caution or danger state you can't access crafting menu. But from now you can.

  • Installation
There is two version .esp file. Chose one of which. One is 12 workbenches (5 cooking station 1 armor workbench 2 weapon workbench 2 chemistry station and 2 power armor station). NO requirement. Another is the same 12 workbenches plus Robot workbench. Of course it is required DLC Automatron. You download it manually and extract it to your FallOut4's data folder and activate it or Using NMM downloader and activate it.

  • How it Works
It's simple adding "keyword" method. If you have no idea what "keyword" is. You should search some tutorial video of FO4Edit or Creation Kit. And follow their instructions.
Go back to the subject  there is a keyword "CanUseFurnitureForCombat". That is originally used for minigun mounted on vertibird. I add this keyword to every workbench. That's all. Easy right?

  • Minor Issue
Because of adding this keyword, when combat happens some NPC including companion continuing their crafting animation. They think of these workbenches as some weaponry. Player can interrupt their animation as ordinary. So this is not a big problem but feels a bit silly.