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OmegaX123 and thaelite1

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A port of thaelite1's "Life Is Strange_Maxine Caulfield Face Save" into a LooksMenu preset. Now also has a preset of Chloe Price, made by me.

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NEWER UPDATE: Due to an error on my part, TWO new character presets today, Warren Graham and Nathan Prescott (my first attempt at Warren turned into Nathan, so I took another swing at it). These new files, too, still in need of work, but mostly because the tools provided don't allow for making a character look much younger, and because I'm not very good with the face sculpting tools.

Also, I've tweaked Chloe's preset a bit, mainly to fix the hair (I only just noticed that the hairstyle I gave her before had a massive bun, which does not seem like a Chloe thing at all, in fact she'd likely say it's hella lame).


NEW UPDATE: Chloe Price (which still needs some work) has arrived
. The preset for Chloe requires a couple more mods than the Max one, namely (I can't recall which of these the hair is from, so best to get them all just to be safe) MiscHairstyles (not on the Nexus, Google it), Commonwealth Cuts - KS Hairdos - ApachiiSkyHairCrocodile HairstylePonytail Hairstyles by Azar v2.0 (fairly sure it's not this one), and Lots More Female Hairstyles (also pretty sure it's not this one). Those last two aren't likely it, but they're awesome mods anyway, as are all of the mods I've mentioned/required in this page, and I recommend you download them anyway, if you have the spare .esp space. Chloe still needs some work (and a better hair that looks closer to hers and has a beanie wouldn't go amiss, but none of the packs I've found seems to have that), so unlike Max, who, being based on someone else's work, is complete unless thaelite1 decides to do more work on her, Chloe will be receiving several updates over time. Screenshots of the current state of Chloe forthcoming.

This is just a port of Max Caulfield face save by thaelite1, into a LooksMenu preset, for those of us who can't/aren't comfortable using third-party software to replace our existing character's face, or want to use the face on, for example, Wintermute or a Construct a Custom Companion follower (neither of which are requirements, just awesome mods that I recommend, especially if you want to use the Max preset and have Chloe and/or Warren once I make him travelling with you). thaelite1 has, as seen on the mod page for the save file linked above, given blanket permission for anyone who can make a preset out of it to do so and upload it, provided they give credit.

Max Caulfield, and Life Is Strange, are property of Square Enix and Dontnod Entertainment. Neither I nor thaelite1 own rights to the character. I may attempt to tackle some of the other residents of Arcadia Bay and create presets of them as well. starting with either Warren Graham or Chloe Price. The conversion was made using Face Ripper by xatmos, and requires LooksMenu by expired6978 (and probably LooksMenu Customization Compendium by AGodComplexPikachu) - this one is definitely needed for the new Chloe Price preset - to be used.

EDIT: INSTRUCTIONS! For those who have never played with LooksMenu before.

TO INSTALL: First, install F4SE, then LooksMenu and LooksMenu Customization Compendium, as detailed on the pages of those mods. Find the "Presets" folder (should be in SteamApps\Common\Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\F4EE), and copy the files in the packages I provided into that directory. Put LooksMenu near the bottom of your load order, and launch the game. Once you're creating/editing your character, you should now see a "Presets" (default P on kb/m controls, not sure what it would be on controllers) button, and inside that submenu you'll find Max and Chloe, and any other presets you might have downloaded.