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A brand new type of Vault Suit - red and padded!

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The Padded Red Vault Suit

This mod drops a new Vault Suit into the game, called the Padded Vault Jumpsuit. This is a brand new outfit, NOT just a re-texture of the existing Vault Jumpsuits, so you will still have your blue ones should you wish to chop and change.

The Padded Vault Jumpsuits offer more Energy and Rad Resistance, as well as an added bonus of Damage Resistance the standard Vault Suit doesn't. It also gives the wearer a nice comfortable feeling....

You can craft the Padded Vault Jumpsuit at the Armorsmith Workbench (this is required for the mod recipes to work) or you can pick up a 111 Padded Vault Suit in the Vault 111 entrance area, in a locker and also behind the fallen table (where the girl was handing out the Vault Suits).

You can also of course be lazy and use the Console to make one magically appear in your inventory.

The Padded Vault Jumpsuit is available in 111, 81, 114 and 101 flavours, in both clean and dirty variations, and is available for both male and female players.

Please endorse if you like it!

Note that the ArmorSmith Extended and AWKCR mods are required for this mod to work.

Credits: Laura is wearing the Institute Pip Boy, some red glasses from the Glasses Galore collection and the Toxic Raider piercings. Laura's body is courtesy of CBBE, but this Vault Suit should work fine with Vanilla as well.