Fallout 4

About this mod

The Headpiece Dispatcher is a mod that adds 9 new helmets/ masks. All whom fits the lore. Some has to be crafted the rest can be bought from a trader named Craig McCoy who has set up an outpost by the edge of the glowing sea. Craig McCoy is fully voiced. The mod also adds a new radio channel and backstory for the trader.

Permissions and credits
First of all, this mod would not have been possible without these awesome people who helped me get the nif files to work properly, something I had a lot of problems with. Please check them out :D.

Mike Moore: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqpsPQez-087WLASWk1Ai-w
gerokeymaster: https://www.youtube.com/user/gerokeymaster

Though I never spoke to those two below they helped me a lot with their awesome video tutorials.

Seddon4494: https://www.youtube.com/user/Seddon4494
: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrCasual112

I also like to thank my friend Joacim Anderberg for coming up with the name for the mod.

Okay, on to the mod itself.

The Headpiece Dispatcher is a mod that adds 9 new helmets/ masks. All whom fits the lore. Some have to be crafted, the rest can be bought from a trader named Craig McCoy who has set up an outpost by the edge of the glowing sea. Craig McCoy is fully voiced ( unfortunately not very well, I am no voice actor exactly ). The mod also adds a new radio channel and a backstory for the trader.

Once you have bought the Anti Riot Helmet ( closed ) or the Raider Custom Gasmask V1 you can go to the chemistry workbench and with some other supplies you can create Anti Riot Helmet ( open ) and Raider Custom Gasmask V2. Once you have V2 you can craft V3.
I wanted to use the armor workbench for crafting the helmets but unfortunately I couldn't get it to work in the base game and I don't want the mod to require other mods to function properly.

Installation should be as simple as ever. Simply drag and drop the data file in the winrar to your Fallout 4 installation folder usually located in: Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4
or download with nexus mod manager and let the program do the installation for you.
Couldn't be easier.

Cheat codes
Ok, so maybe you aren't interested in buying the helmets from Craig McCoy.
Then you can simple add them to your inventory using console commands instead.
Simple type ''Player.additem'' and then the Base ID. For instance ''Player.additem 0100AF39'' ( This will add the pipBoy Mask. )
If you want more then one, simple type the number of helmets you want after the Base ID like this ''player.additem 0100AF39 10'' ( this will add 10 masks. )

Base ID's
Anti Riot Helmet (closed): XX003D35
Anti Riot Helmet (open): XX00DCDB
PipBoy Mask: XX00AF39
PussySlayer: XX006335
Tin Can Gasmask: XX007A04
German Knight Helmet: XX00A004
Raider Custom Gasmask V1: XX00CDA6
Raider Custom Gasmask V2: XX00C60A
Raider Custom Gasmask V3: XX00BE6E

The XX is your load order for the mod. So let's say this is the sixth loaded mod when you start the game then the XX = 06 if the load order instead is let's say 15 then XX = 15 and so on.

Alpha or no alpha, that's the question!
So when I made the meshes/ textures, Fallout 4 had not been released yet so I had to guess quite a bit. This caused a bit
of problems once the game was released.
For starters I thought the game would use PBR similar to unreal.
This was only half correct so the textures had to be changed.
I also thought that the game would use 16bit alpha maps but as far as I can see that is not the case.

So The Anti Riot Helmet was made so you would be able to see the face
behind the tinted glass. I managed to make it work in the game, but with
mixed results. During the day it looks great but during the night the
window gets a bright pink/ purple tint instead. This doesn't bother
me, however I knew that some may not like it. So I made a regular
version without alpha ( this is the default version ). However, if you
would still want to have the alpha even though it might not look as good
during the night, you can simple go to Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\meshes\Armor\AntiRiotHelmet and change the name of or delete MAntiRiot.nif and FAntiRiot.nif
then remove the ''(alpha)'' from MAntiRiot(alpha).nif and FAntiRiot(alpha).nif
Congratulation, you should now have working alphas instead of original.
View example image ''Alpha vs No Alpha'' if you are unsure of what I mean.

Voice acting and Dialog
I'm sorry if the dialog, radio and voice acting feels a bit rushed. I have worked on this mod far to long ( about 9 months ) because I have had extreme problems getting the Nif files to work and I could only work on the mod during my spare time. I unfortunately had to rush it a bit at the end because I am currently working a lot and soon I am going to continue to study and then I might not have much time to work on this mod. Also I am not exactly a voice actor :P. Dialog and voice acting never where high on the list of things needed in this mod either, lets face it, most people only want the helmets. The only reason I added a character were because it felt lame just handing the helmets to the player. Once I had an npc to sell them it felt lame not giving him a voice, story and so on :D.

Player voice sometimes quiet?
This is not a problem with the mod. It's one of the nice features of having a voiced player character. When I can't find a voice file that works with the written dialog the character won't speak. That means that during dialog in this mod the pc will sometimes be quiet, unfortunately.

Will I keep updating this mod?
As it stands right now I don't know. I most likely won't add any more helmets. However, I will probably change the stats for some of the helmets and prices, according to feedback, so that they are more balanced and works better with the game.

Please leave feedback!

Positiv or negativ, I don't care, I just want to hear what you guys think about the mod. If there is anything I should change or so. If you like the mod please don't forget to endorse it. It's easy, just one click and it really helps making other people notice the mod.

The mod can of course be downloaded through bethesda.net as well. Though if you are gonna use it on pc I suggest you download it through nexus instead.

Finally, thank to you for viewing this page, I hope you will enjoy the mod.