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Allows you to turn Ada into a human (and back again). Includes full appearance configuration, affinity, lip synced dialogue, dynamic combat style and hacking/lockpicking

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Allows you to turn Ada into a human (and back again). Includes full appearance configuration, affinity, lip synced dialogue, dynamic combat style and hacking/lockpicking

Installation - New game
Activate mod
Start new game and progress until exiting Vault 111
The control rod along with the option to run the quick test will be given

If you haven't tested Ada2Human with your load order before it's highly recommended to perform the test. This will make sure you don't waste time playing until the Automatron questline start and find it bugged somehow. The test will forcibly start and complete the first steps of it which can cause problems so make sure to revert back to a save before it was run once finished.

Installation - Existing game
If the initial Automatron quest hasn't been started the test option will be shown just as with a new game. If Ada is already available this test is unavailable and the control rod can instead be crafted at a chemistry station

Accessing the menu
For MCM users the easiest way is to simply bind the hotkey. For everyone else simply equipping the control rod will accomplish the same. It can be quickkeyed like any weapon for instant access.

Menu Functions
Summon - If Ada isn't in the area (loaded by the game engine) this will teleport her to you
Exit Power Armor - If Ada is near and in PA this will eject her from it
Turn robo/Turn human - As it says on the tin
Edit Appearance - Activates the character gen interface so you can edit Ada's looks however you want
DynCombat - Activates the dynamic combat style allowing Ada to switch between offensive, balanced or defensive tactics depending on her health and number of enemies. Entering this menu also allows you to set the thresholds for when to switch. This mode also makes Ada run a check every second to make sure she's attacking the nearest enemy turning her into an effective bodyguard just as long as you stay close by
ResMatch - Makes Ada automatically match the resistances of the player (with optional multiplier) regardless of what she's wearing. Useful if you want to equip her with appearance changing outfits/armor like the Nyx Suit and have it viable throughout your entire game.

Custom Gear
Ada has her own outfit which is a Kellog appearance armor modified with 20 damage, 30 energy and 10 fire/cryo resistance . She's also equipped with a custom powerful but high recoiled large caliber smg.

Misc Additions
Added the keywords to allow the same infinite ammo as Settlers (heavy weapons not included), Danse style power armor damage immunity and Sneak Rank 1-4 so she won't blow your cover. Or mines in your face. 
To offset some of the loss of survivability from the armored automatron form Ada also have a "Robot Hunter" specialist perk giving her 20% increased damage dealt and 20% reduced taken when fighting robots or synths.

While you can toggle between the human and robot form at will this is not supported.. This option is merely provided to make it possible to remove installed troublesome automatron addons. Nothing besides the the M-Sat or Recon Sensor required for the main questline have been tested.

It's also recommended to use the mod in a new game to make sure Ada is initialized properly. Should you still want to use it in an existing game  you may have to remove all weapons, remove everything or restore her as close as possible to her default form depending on your game state/mod setup. 

Known Issues
Toggling Ada back to robot causes wonky legs - On-the-go race switching isn't really supported so the animations can sometimes get messed up. Putting her in the Robot Workbench and clicking the different leg options back without building them will reset them.
Why she walks like a woman and talks like a tank - If you change the body while movement is active the related footstep sounds will continue to play also in human form meaning for example if the sentry leg tank one is active that's what keeps looping. Make sure she is standing still or you're using other type of legs before switching to avoid this.
Ada enters melee instead of using her default weapon - AI picks the best weapon even if it's an automatron weapon that cannot be used in human form. Make sure to remove *all* of them
Ada unequips everything - Caused by the assaultron laser head or any other addon offering special functionality triggering worn/outfit reset. Remove it
Crashes, missing textures, head or other bodyparts when turned to human - This mod works by setting Adas default race to human and then adding the Automatron functionality. This is necessary to make sure all the human bits are attached and working. If you use a mod that modifies Automatrons in general or Ada specifically it might reset her back to protectron in which case these problems can happen. Moving Ada2Human last or below the mod(s) doing this might help
Original robot form is missing the claw and laser hand - This is deliberate. They're removed to prevent the forced melee behaviour mentioned above and make sure Ada uses her default weapon. Only those two specific variants are detected though so remember to remove anything else yourself

In order to adhere to the content guidelines for non-adult mods image uploading is for now disabled. My apologies and big thanks to everyone shared their Adas!