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An additional sorter which sorts by type rather than direct object comparison.

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I found the default object and component sorters to be rather lacking.  If you wanted to sort out weapons, you had to place 1 of every weapon into the sorter.  Same goes for armor.  Hundreds of items, if you wanted to catch everything in a category.  Or what if you wanted to sort out every book in the game?  Pain in the arse, if you ask me.

This machine does away with having to do that.  Want to sort out weapons?  Just toss a baseball bat, pipe pistol--any weapon really, into the machine's inventory.  Then, when a weapon of any type goes through it, it gets sorted.  Brilliant, eh?

The machine recognizes the main equipment categories: weapons, ammo, armor, aid/food/drinks/chems, misc objects/junk, books, and holotapes.

I've set it up so that you can have it sort out more than one type as well--so if you wanted it to sort out junk, books, and holotapes, it will do it.  See one of the pictures above, where I have it set up to sort out both junk and armor.