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Adds a spooky new marshland to explore and a small questline to complete.

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Journey to Ipswich adds a completely new worldspace to explore. With a dozen locations, several of which are dungeons and an abandoned city, Ipswich provides a refreshingly mysterious atmosphere and worthy challenge to any player that wants it. Will you uncover the treasures and secrets hidden in this abandoned city's past, or will they once again fade under a shroud of fog?

The recommended level for this mod is 25, as loot lists and enemies are optimized to provide the most challenging but rewarding encounters in this level bracket. Above 25 can be exceptionally difficult and taxing on your ammo supply, but below 25 is for absolute madmen; all possible though.

You should get a radio signal when you load up outside of Vault 111, if not you can manually start the quest by talking to Cal in between Lake Quannapowitt and the General Atomics Galleria.

Est. time for quest completion: 1-2 hrs.
Est. time for complete exploration: 2 hrs.

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Some scripted dialogue scenes can be finicky, and companions don't help. If a scene's scripting appears to be stalling, try meleeing Cal once or pushing him a bit. His AI refreshes every few seconds, so sometimes he is just stuck or colliding with a companion. Best to stay out of his way when a scene is active.

If you experience any bugs please try reloading an autosave or restarting your game; only post a bug report if this does not resolve your problem.

If the questline is completely bugged, use the PANIC button on the dinghy you arrived in Ipswich in, or just use the console.

Version 2.04 - Hopefully fixed the dreaded "attack scene stall" and added a PANIC button to the shower in the Captain's Quarters because this is why we can't have nice things
Version 2.03 - Made the mod more "survival friendly;" beds, ovens, sinks
Version 2.02 - Various quest fixes
Version 2.01 - Scrubbed the .esp, added small quest tweaks for objective clarity
Version 2.0 - Fixed the questline, reworked some scripts
Version 1.0 - Initial release and exclusive