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A collection of furniture with static decor and stand-alone static decor pieces. Plus a vanilla post-war stove cooking station.

Permissions and credits
Super Important Stuff!

Settlement Menu Manager is now a required file for NWM Playing House. Please install SMM before updating Playing House to version 1.3 to avoid any potential issues. 

New in 1.3:

  • Playing House now has custom menus in the Furniture and Decorations sections!
  • Rugs, wall decor, cluttered kitchen counters, wall shelves and a few tables.

In this update I was given permission by Mike Moore to use Knock Knock from MCAM as a static item. You do not need to have MCAM installed to use this mod/update. Moderators, if you have any questions or would like proof of the permissions given, please message me and I will happily provide it for you.

If you have VVITCH HAUS installed, overwrite when prompted.

More Plans!
I have a list of items to make, I did not want to delay this update any longer. Be sure to Track this file and Endorse it if you like it!

This adds many items to custom crafting menus, under Decorations and Furniture. There are stand alone pieces of decor as well as decorated furniture pieces and a Cooking workbench as the vanilla post-war stove, now found under NWM Playing House in the Furniture section, with a bonus kitchen platform included. 

This mod will use whichever textures you have installed. Any textures that are not in the base game, or included with this mod, used in these screenshots are not included.  

A note on the textures included with this mod: All of the retextures that come with this mod were done by me using the base game files and the images that I utilize are free for commercial use. If you see an image that you feel is being used without your permission, please contact me to resolve the issue. 

This should be compatible with everything, since it does not edit any vanilla records and uses the Settlement Menu Manager to add scripted menus for the items. This does not require any DLC, either since I only utilized base game assets. I have a lot of crafting mods installed and I have encountered no problems. That certainly does not guarantee an absence of conflicts, so be sure to back up your saves before installing this, or any mod, it is the smart thing to do. If you do find a conflict, please do let me know.

Use NMM -or- download manually, extract the file and place the .esp in your data folder, activate it, and make sure the "NWM" folder is in your meshes folder. Be sure your game is set up for modding beforehand.If you get any purple/pink items, check your Materials folder and also let me know!

Do not use any aspect of this mod without my permission or upload it to any other site. At this time, this is a Nexus exclusive.

Special Thanks:
MikeMoore for giving me permission to use Knock Knock from MCAM!
The awesome friends that tested 1.3 for me: NaiRaedjxavier13 and Fyrjefe.
Elianora for her awesome videos
DDProductions83 for the NifSkope help


Q: How do I get my books to look like the screenshots?
A: If you would like your books to look like the ones in the screenshots, download this re-texture by EmissaryofWind.

Q: How do I get my fish to look like the screenshots?
A: If you would like your fish to look like the ones in the screenshots, and how could you not? download this re-texture by 83Willow.

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