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This is a set of 'better pictures' to replace the current settlement craftable pictures.

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Now back with all art done by the glorious Gil Elvgren! All the art in this pack is done by Gil Elvgren and nobody else, all of this art is legal and free use! Enjoy! After the remake, I did have to cut back a few pictures but I hope I managed to add a little more color for those who wanted it, I will hopefully have better picture packs that aren't pinup related in the future, if anyone has a request let me know!

Pinup Art Done By: Gil Elvgren  (March 15, 1914 – February 29, 1980)

This is a set of 'better pictures' that I think look a lot better than the original, it includes pinups and a couple nuka cola adverts. This will replace most of the craftable pictures you can hang in your home and will leave some of the kitty and sailboat pictures as well to help keep a wide selection of pictures to hang on your settlement walls!

If you would like to make a request - feel free to tweet me @JoeTrocious and I will hopefully be able to do anything for you within reason. =)