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Morose is an atmospheric overhaul aiming at the weather and soundtrack, to create a more intense psychological horror experience.

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Morose is an atmospheric overhaul that alters how the game looks, and feels, on a radical level. It's not an enb and uses no third party applications. It's done with in game light and weather changes. It even replaces most of the soundtrack with a new one. Which is better in my opinion. This mod is intended to provide some psychological horror, and is in no way realistic, or lore friendly. It's creative. Imaginative. It conveys emotional gradience. It has no interest in anything else.

A lot of the music is intended to convey feelings of fear, anxiety, loneliness and, of course, serenity.

Have you ever felt alienated? I mean, truly alienated. When you're surrounded by thousands of people, and that contrast only makes you feel more alone. I face such alienation a lot. No, no, no. I don't want your pity or sympathy. I'm fine. But it's true none the less. Sometimes it's because of poverty, sometimes it's my mental illness and disability. I was the child left behind, the one who is always walking around alone. Even at parties I just sit there, distant. It's who I am. I'm fine with it. I just want you to know this, so you know what this mod is. What inspired it. Because at times this can curtain your mind in darkness. Depression, anxiety, fear. You begin to dwell on the past. On people you lost, people you wronged, people who wronged you, mistakes you made. I miss my dad a lot. But I've seen how some treat those emotions. They lash out at others, act selfishly, and behave destructively. I could do that myself. But I'd rather channel those things into something creative. That's why I made Morose.

I'm thankful for every day I have. Even the worst ones in my life. It drives me to create. Obscurum - Unnatural Selection came from how I lost my father to cancer. Obscurum - Pandemic was later on created because I lost my mother to alcoholism. She's back now, though, and I'm proud of her. But still. You see the point. Recently, I've had some other difficulties. Hence this. Whatever pain the world gives me, is just something I can shape and create with.

Also, a lot of people told me in the past about the Obscurum series that they wished I had released the atmospheric changes as a standalone thing. Because they wanted it in their vanilla games. Morose is kind of step one of the third part of Obscurum. I'm sad to also announce that it won't be Pandemic II. I thought about it for a long time, and sequels are always terrible. I can't bring myself to make one. The third part of Obscurum will be something original, like the other two. But don't worry, I know what you all like with Pandemic, and I will include those aspects. But it'll have a different story and themes.

How to install:
Typical installation, just extract the files in the data folder. Either with the mod manager, or manually.
How to uninstall:
Again, very typical. Remove the related files in the data folder. Again, either with the mod manager, or manually.

Known issues:
Tried it for several hours, none come to mind.
One problem is that I couldn't replace the palette soundtrack due to how that requires some pretty sophisticated knowledge of sound editing and sampling. Since the engine uses small musical increments to dynamically generate a soundtrack. Only the regular songs are replaced. So sometimes you'll hear vanilla music.

That's it. That's Morose. I hope you like it.