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Adds the "Crude Blowback" based on concept-art from the "The Art of Fallout 4" book.

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This will add a standalone gun called "Crude Blowback" based off unused fallout 4 concept-art.
It has that rustic home-made feel to it. Don't forget to equip the Dual bayonet for double the fun!

I'm FappaR on
Please, do not report it "stolen" unless someone with another name uploads the mod.

Update 2.3:

Fixed: 308 suppressed sound.
Damage changes should now work as intend.
Raiders shouldn't spawn naked with head wrap (You may need to wait/sleep 48h to update the leveled list)

Update 2.2:
New reload animations.
New sounds. (Credits, Partisan Executioner)

Update 1.8:
Removed: AE requirement from the Visible weapons patch.

Update 1.7:
Added: Visible Weapons support
Fixed: Merged Wet texture fix into main-files
Added: Optional download that uses default sounds. (If you hate the custom sounds use this)
Added: 1,5x and 2x Damage options in the Installer.

Update 1.6:
Fixed: A legendary version of the weapon should no longer spawn on you when you load a save.
Changed: Changed up the audio a bit
Credit: a_blind_man for changing the audio up and showing how to fix the legendary bug.

Well it's quite easy actually, the gun is placed on a jetty at Chestnut Hillock Reservoir, laying on-top of a old crab trap. 
It can also be found on Enemies. You may need to wait/sleep 24+ hours to refresh the "loot lists".
(Note: This mod adds the gun to the leveled list trough script so it wont conflict with other mods.)

The cheating way.
If you can't be bothered to walk/fast travel to Chestnut Hillock you can use cheats to obtain the weapon. Open the console and type in the following: player.additem XX001748 1
(XX = the mod's # in your load order, if you're not sure what the # is you can always type "help crude 0" in the console and get the weapons full ID.)

We all know that not everything can make it into the game from the drawing-board when developing games and that's where we, the modders come in.
I was looking around in bethesdas "The Art of Fallout 4" and saw some really cool looking weapon concepts that didn't make the cut.
since I have the knowledge and skills to model and texture I thought I'd give it a shot to recreate a gun from that book and put it into the game..
So here is my take on one of them.

--Click on the weapon to got to the mod page--
---Right-handed hunting rifle---