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Small Tweak to have your settlements attacked more frequently

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More Settlement Attacks!

This mod rises the basic change for a settlment to be attacked from 1% to 5% and reduce the cooldown from 7 days to just one day. Because 5% is still not that much, the mod also rises the amount for resources to generate "danger" and reduced the amount of "savety" at the same time. So how more resources your settlment has, the more it is likley that a attack event may trigger - to keep it immersive.


The values to rise/decrease the chance to be attacked are altered (+ for more Attackchance, - for less):

+ 5% per Resource-Point (Water, Food, Energy)
- 1% per Savety-Point
- 2% per Settler

I hope the bug with the stuck happiness or attacks simply to not triggerd is solved with this, since i took extra care to not touch anything else (i even cleared my whole scriptfolder to do so!).