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Adds a settlement item which allows fast travel from settlements at a cost (even in survival mode)

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The Minutemen Caravan

This mod aims to provide minutemen players with a means of fast travelling from a settlement to any previously discovered location at a cost. The cost is determined by the distance from the settlement to the location. It works in both survival mode and regular difficulties, enabling fast travel for the duration of the travel and disabling it afterwards in the case of survival mode. As with all stores in settlements, these generate a cap income added to the settlement inventory.

The mod works by adding a new settlement item under 'Resources - Miscellaneous' titled the 'Minutemen Caravan Post'. The requirements for this item can be seen below.

Once a settler has been assigned to this post, they may be conversed with and an option called 'Travel' can be chosen. Once this dialog option is picked (and a short dialogue between the PC and the NPC happens) the player has a 15 second timeframe to choose a location to travel to from the pip-boy. Note that the beginning and end of this timeframe is clearly shown through message boxes. 

Once the location has been picked, fast travel occurs as normal and the amount needed is deducted from the player. (WIP if the player does not have enough money, the caravan simply takes whatever caps the player has, can RP this where the caravaneer doesn't mind the PC not paying full price since they literally built the settlement they live in). 

And that's pretty much it! Any and all feedback/ideas are welcome and appreciated.

Mod Reviews:

The White Collar Players - Fallout 4 Immersive Mod Series-Episode 15 (0:56)

Features to be added
- Not allowing travel if player does not have enough caps to make the journey
- Kitting up the settler assigned with high end gear (as a way to make the initial cost seem like its keeping you protected)
- Caravaneer travelling with character (along with a pack brahmin) to the destination and travelling back to original settlement
- A more RP safe option where the player and caravaneer travel to location in realtime (making the caravaneer a sort of body guard)
- Reduced food/drink consumption during travelling to simulate eating/drinking during travel

If someone would like to use my mod/script as part of their own mod, feel free however I ask that you credit me in your mod description (and possibly let me know beforehand). Thanks!