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Choose which weapons won't blow off limbs

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Think that blowing off heads with a lowly pistol is absurd? Think it would be more realistic to only shred bodies with shotguns and explosives? This is the mod for you!

This is a set of plugins that lets you disable dismemberment by individual weapon: e.g. checking the 10mm pistol will make it no longer dismember, while all unchecked weapons will still blow off limbs.

Includes options for all major weapons including melee weapons, handguns, rifles, launchers, and explosives.


Download and activate using NMM.

Choose weapons from list displayed by installer.



July 2018: Unfortunately, I have no plans to update this. If you would like to made your own version, feel free to use my files as long as I'm credited.

Sept 19 2016 update: I have full-time obligations at the moment, so unless any major errors arise, I probably won't update this for a while.

If there is interest, I will create installers for DLC weapons as well.

Each plugin is named in the following way: "off" then the weapon name, e.g. 10mm pistol: "off10mm". Each weapon was considered separately -- the more weapons you check, the longer your list of plugins.

As far as I know, it isn't possible to change the probability of dismemberment by weapon type, only enable or disable it.

Latest version 0.2: added options for grenades and mines.