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Broken things. Ruined things. Useless things. Crap. And more!

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Worthless Mod
Stick your nose in it!
WHAT DOES THIS MOD DO? It adds 150+ new, standalone, worthless items to the game, and adds them to lots of containers in the wasteland. It's all a bunch of crap, with no resources or value. Like "Corroded Batteries" and "Melted Electronics."
That might sound dumb, and when I started this mod I thought so too. But I changed my mind after using it for a while. Maybe it's more satisfying to dig through containers to find the good stuff when sometimes the contents are worthless.
For whatever reason, I think it adds something cool to the game.

An even MORE worthless and exciting VERSION 1.3!
With Lots of crappy items removed!
And more better distribution!
And a fix or two.
And some better pickup/drop sounds.
MORE than a GROSS of useless items! (Grosser!)
AND: Introducing: For the first time: After much colon abuse: Two NEW Categories:
A useless NEW bit of apparel you can't wear, and NEW worthless ingestibles!

And a few lore-inspired jokes, and more stuff, honestly I can't remember.

Broken things.
Ruined things.
Useless things.
And more!

Hmmm, so many views, so few DLs. This thing deserves more love. Maybe I should have given it a better name. A product's worthlessness isn't always its best selling point. Sell the sizzle, they say. But c'mon sheeple, a rose is a rose!

New slogans for 2017 Q3 campaign are:
"Here, smell this."
"Stick your nose in my sizzling rose."

That's brilliant. If that doesn't work, it's the public's fault. You bastards. You poor, oblivious, public  bastards. You don't DESERVE Worthless Mod.

Worthless Mod does not alter any vanilla resources. It does not replace vanilla loot. It does not make changes in vanilla scripts, worldspace or cells. It should be extremely compatible. AFAIK it can't possibly hurt anything.

Other mods that modify containers (or a handful of leveled lists) may conflict gently with this mod, such that not all the items appear as loot when they should. Using FO4Edit to make a Merged Patch will usually fix that problem completely. If you don't use a Merged Patch (and why not??), then I recommend loading Wasteland Wound Care EARLY in your load order, letting other mods overwrite it. Then the worst thing that can happen is you miss out on finding some worthless items, oh well, but there should be no other problems.

German translation:

Notable compatibility issues:
- Fallout Loot Overhaul - Very minor conflicts. A Merged Patch will fix them completely - or else just load Worthless Mod before Fallout Loot Overhaul.
- No Loot Respawn - Tons of conflicts. A Merged Patch will fix them completely - load WM before NLR - otherwise they are incompatible.

Installation / Uninstallation / Updating:
Install / uninstall the usual way. It's just one .esp file.
(You can install it, remove it, update it - no problem - it won't affect saved games.)

Version 1.0 - Introduces dozens of worthless new items and adds them to most of the containers in the wasteland.
Version 1.1 - Improves distribution, adds a few new items, corrects minor errors, removes a bunch of unused entries.
Version 1.2 - Improves distribution, removes some items, adds more items, introduces legendary worthless crap, corrects minor errors, fixes names.
Version 1.3 - Lots more items. Expands and improves distribution, removes some items, introduces ingestibles and armor, more item improvements.

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