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Removes Blur, Bloom, HDR, and Depth of Field effects from all Imagespace Modifiers and can greatly improve FPS especially in combat situations.

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This mod clears almost all effects more complex than color shifts from Imagespace Modifiers (temporary visual effects used by things like explosions or getting hit). Blur, eye adapt speed adjustments, bloom, and depth of field are all set to default values. All of these effects are still technically possible if triggered by other means, so you'll maintain HDR effects and depth of field if you have them enabled in your .ini files, they just won't trigger or be amplified temporarily anymore. Color shifts still apply where they were used, so most effects will still be noticeable but not as intrusive.

If you experience FPS drops from explosions and getting hit, this should smooth them out. While I don't personally have a performance issue with blur in this game, I much prefer the cleaner visuals these changes provide.

  • 0.9 - Initial release, including Automatron and Far Harbor support
  • 2 - Small update, removing one missed instance of DoF, zeroing out a "missed" field across all files (likely no effect, but being thorough), and version numbering on Nexus should now match console versions
  • 3 - Vault-Tec Workshop and Nuka World support (only 7 effects modified in the two combined, so not much difference), bumped version numbers of the most recent files across the board