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A non-power armour powered suit that provides reasonable protection and enhances strength. Comes with a moddable BOS Officers Undersuit and a Dummy Gauss Rifle that can be worn on your character's back.

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--- This mod Requires Automatron DLC ---

Hello Again

This mod started with me playing around with making a light frame to base my XA armours onto. Unfortunately, the frame itself still came out a bit big and had some mesh issues. However, i decided that adding a little more plating would result in a nice light powersuit, with a fairly old techical feel, so here it is; the Sentry Armour Powersuit!

This mod is almost entirely made up of the sentry bot meshes, stretched, resized, rotated, re-weighted and fitted around a BOS Undersuit. The resulting suit has quite a lot of hydraylics and pipwork on the back, and a pretty sturdy amount of armour on the front.

What is it?

The mod comes with three items, all located in a wooden box near the upturned van at vault 111. 

Mobile Powersuit: An armour piece that uses the chest,arms and leg armour slots. You can wear clothing beneath it. It performs like a suit of heavy combat armour but also adds 4 str. You can apply one combat armour chest mod to it (such as pocketed, etc).

Sentry Undersuit: This is a moddable BOS Officers Undersuit. Due to the way the powersuit mesh works, it will clip with some outfits (worse on the male version), so I thought I'd provide something that works fairly well with it.

Dummy Gauss Rifle: This is just a static mesh that can be worn on your characters back (combined with Visible Weapons - 3rd Person Holster by registrator2000 ( ) this will allow you to sheath a gauss rifle on your back.

Where is it?

In a crate that has fallen out of a upturned van at vault 111.


This mod does not have any textures associated with it. It uses whatever textures you are using for the Sentry Bot and Hazard Suit. If you are using replacers for these your armour may display slightly differently.


So, its obviously not cannon, but if you want my view on what the suit is, its based on the idea of a suit for artillery or heavy support soldiers to use. The powersuit provides additional strength for lugging shells and big guns around, but still provides an element of flexibility. The armoured front provides some protection for enemy fire.


Shouldn't be any really. One thing to note it the armour doesn't appear in 1st person (this is due to it obscuring the PipBoy and some of the screen with certain weapons raised).

Once again, I'm not the most diligent in packing these things up, so if anything appears to be missing shout eh?

Well hope you enjoy it (post some pics if you do)!


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