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Lowers the volume on Indipindi's excellent Radiant Birds mod (required.)

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Radiant Birds (Less Radiant)

Lowers the volume on Indipindi's excellent mod Radiant Birds (required)

Indipindi's original mod is really great. My only complaint was that I thought the birds were too loud. (And then some.) So I reduced the volume significantly. I think version 0.5c is nearly right. (Good enough that I CBA.) Some sounds are deliberately louder than others. I wanted them to startle occasionally, but without causing madness. If it's still too loud for you, try the old version 0.5b.

Radiant Birds (Less Radiant) is dependent on the original mod Radiant Birds which can be found at:

Install Radiant Birds first, then overwrite that .esp file with the .esp file from this mod.
This will not work without the original mod's sound files.

Just remove it / them. (You can install, remove, upgrade - no problem - they won't affect saved games.)

0.5d - Gonna make some more sounds a little louder some day.

0.5 - First Version. Starts with v.0.5, to match the number of the final version of Indipindi's mod. Simply lowered the volume.
0.5b - Second first version. Includes the actual changes. (Previous version was identical to the original, whoops.)
0.5c - Final version? Adjusts some sounds (louder).

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