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Added: 10/07/2016 - 09:27AM
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Last updated at 6:38, 17 Jul 2016 Uploaded at 9:27, 10 Jul 2016

[This is a WIP mod and is currently at v0.2.  When it is at v1.0 it will complete and functional in it's entirety]

An original quest that will take you on a journey of discovery that, among other things, will help to uncover a long kept Vault-tec secret. 

  • 7 huge new interiors to explore, investigate and fight through 
  • 2 unique quest lines 
  • 2 unique characters to meet 
  • 2 new Perks to get 

[NOTE] Will be coming to all platforms, but PC first

[CHANGES (from v0.2)]
  • Completed detailing of the first section of the caves leading to the facility
  • Fixed quest issues leading to the facility
  • Setup sound and some encounters
  • Fixed a couple of bugs with Jeff's dialogue, the quest progression and trespassing in his house.

  • Jeff has a house and sandbox behaviour
  • You no longer need to force start the quest by using console commands
  • Initial quest will now properly start with Jeff at his house etc.
- Can be started by finding his notes (in and near the entrance of Diamond City)
  • Main quest has a proper setup for the start now
- Can be started without doing the initial quest by going to the Old Lighthouse, if you can find it)
- Added a more sensible and interesting entrance into the facility
  • Started detailing the areas in and around the initial caves (ongoing)

  • Encounters have not been setup, there are a couple, but mostly for testing
  • GVTFacility03, 04, 05 have not had portals/room bounds setup
  • Optimization will be ongoing (currently a couple of the locations are a little heavy)
  • Sound and Lighting ongoing
  • General detailing is ongoing, i'm trying to complete the layout and quest structure first
  • Characters (except Jeff) are not done but will be 'coming soon' 

More updates again soon, and I hope you enjoy and have fun!

If you want more recent updates, screenshots and video, you can head over to my website @ www.harryluck.com.
The mod is also available directly from Bethesda here

NOTE: I've done an initial clean on the .esp to prevent conflicts etc.  However, i can't guarantee it's compatibility with other mods or your saves, please backup your saves! :)