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Project Overlord

Project Overlord is a mod aiming to make Fallout 4 a more interesting - eventually more challenging - but surely more enjoyable experience for you.Created with the intention of mod unity this mod provides a compilation of small, big, less or more popular mods out there.
All of them are rewritten ,reintegrated such as for an immersive leveling progression ,this mod aims to bring back some old mechanics, the old RPG elements ,as Fallout 4 Lack severely in these areas, being focused on shooting.
Project Overlord is an overhaul of Weapons,Mods,Perks and many other features and it contains light, full or inspired versions of mentioned mods.
Razzec Addicted

Use Nexus mod Manager or do a manual install.
Do NOT use Mod Organizer for install because it causes unforeseen bugs.
This file requires 
Fallout 4 + all of its DLCs

Armor and Weapon Keyword Community Resource (AWCKR)
AmmoTweaks -A Weapon Overhaul
HUDFramework (Optional) -DEF_Widget_Core          :Not necessary required
                                        -Survival Stats Widget
                                        -Etc Widgets
Start me Up -Alternate Start and Dialogue Overhaul :Not necessary required ,but useful if you encounter Cryopod Bug.

Install in this order :
-Project Overlord Bundled Assets part 1 to 4 if present.
-Project Overlord esp

If you install the Great patch be sure it is at the bottom of your load order.
If it is something that the patch override a mod and you don't want it ,load the mod after the patch.
Project Overlord contains fully integrated mods (167) or with similar functions as:

Game play mechanics (21):
*Progressive Weapon Perks by Rollout & Kisha
*NPCs Level Scaling by Genamine
*Binarry Speech Checks (inspired Version) by HenkeIstheOnly
*Better Low Health (inspired Version) by Linux123
*Critical Hits outside of V.a.t.s. by Notsure700
*Realistic Ragdools and Force by dDEfinder
*Damage Type Variation by Wenderer
*Button Lowered Weapon Animation by JackArbiter
*Nuka World Skip Raiding your own settlements by Raznek34
*Colorfull Survival Icons (inspired Version) by Maduin81
*Public Ocurrences Expanded by Doswillrule
*Faster terminal Dysplay (inspired Version) by Old Nick
*Damage Threshold (inspired Version) by TheTalkieToaster
*No more Glowing Mouths by FadinSignal
*Weapon Display Blaster Fix (Inspired Version) by ViperLord
Toughness Enhanced (Damage Threshold) by Pdopie
*Unlocking Violence by Rollout & Kisha
*Difficulty Level Scaling (Inspired Version) by LBalshaw96
*Well Rested and Lover's Embrace 24h (Inspired Version) by xJeremy

*Perforation -Automatic Weapons Mechanic Change by SpaceFiddle
*Immersive Gameplay (Inspired version) by Erezike

*A Realistically Colored Sorting Mod (Inspired Version) by Zenotep

Ingestible Overhauls (13):
*Vertibird Beacon by Butterqup
*No More Duplicate Chems by CsnYoung
*Wastelander's cookbook by Lunarionsilver
*Chemist's Cookbook by Lunarionsilver
*Fill'em Up Again (Inspired Version) by DavidTheFalcon
*Wasteland Wound and Care (Inspired Version) by PaddyGarcia
*Action Points Overhaul (Inspired Version) By MasMarksman
*Usable Cigarettes by Wenderer
*Cherfull Butcher by KoteBegemonte
*Hydrating Survival Beverages (Inspired Version) by 3Vegasmodder343
*Pre-war Safes (Inspired Version) by Amstrad
*Limited Time MoleRat Desiase and Craftable Cure (Inspired Version) by Michael Emerson
*Stimpack don't Regen Limbs (Inspired Version) by BlueMaxDR

Armors Overhauls and New Armors (24):
*Realistic Armors DT Behaivors -Bleeding System and Headshoots by  zAlteredBeastz
*Concealed Armor (Inspired Version) by Nisas
*Skinning in the Commonwealth by 0Andyvan0
*The Network by_Rotten_Core by The_Rotten_Core
*Armour Categories Re-done by PeterChin and Battousai124
*Armorsmith Extended (Inspired Version) by Gambit77
*Craftable Armor Size (Inspired Version) by johndoebowler
*Marine Armor Expanded by Undyne777
*B-35C Heavy Brotherhood of steel armor by xgamer468
*Tacoduck's Lore Friendly Armor Pack by Tacoduck300
*Balaclava and Masks (Sack remodel n retexture)  by Cat_Woman1989
*Faction Field Outfits by Cat_Woman1989
*Clean Drifter Outfits by Cat_Woman1989
*Woodland Gear Plus by Kosmobius
*Wearable Backpacks and Pouches by Aldebaran90
*Commonwealth Camo by Cat_Woman1989 & Warwolfx
*High-Tech Goggles (Inspired Version) by RunedasRune
*Lighter Marine Armor (Inspired Version)  by Succubis
*Combat Helmet Illumination (Inspired Version) By Andysan84
*Minuteman Combat Armor Paint by DoktorSoviet
*Railroad Uniform
 by Sepharis
*Legendary Modification by TealZ
*Gloves of the Commonwealth by FadingSignal
*Gloves of the Commonwealth -Craftable at AWKCR benches Inspires by Stndmunki
*Raiders and Criminals Armor Pack by Tacoduck300
*Cut Content Restored -Captain Kells' Outfit by Tacoduck300
*Circle of Steel Tunic  -A Stealthy Outfit for BoS Characters by Tacoduck300

NPCs Overhaul (13):
*Balding Ghouls (Inspired Version) by BlooperReel
*Danse GTFO Power Armor (Inspired Version) by johndoebowler
*Killable Children (Inspired Version) by Abbalovesyou
*Durable Vertibirds (Inspired Version) By Utherix
*Vertibirds Anywere (Inspired Version) By Korodic
*Companion Infinite ammo (Inspired Version) by TheTalkieToaster
*Nick Valentine 's Day (Inspired Version) by Sephdragoon
*No More Sanctuary dead dog and raider (Inspired Version) by KagStrome2100
*General Mcgan and Lost Patrol Redone by Perromarrilo
*Companions do not shoot Rabbits and chickens + Doe (Inspired Version) by Waster420

*Vertibird Explosive Minigun (Inspired Version) by OrsonArson
*NPC Worst Accuracy (Inspired version) by Raiderrevenge2287
*Visible Companion Affinity ( Inspired Version) by Cdante

Faction Overhauls (15):
Minuteman faction has gained an Overhaul ,not to expansive like some popular mods out there
 but enoughts to make them a force to be recon with.
-Minuteman Soldiers spawns with Military minuteman Outfits.
-FlareGun and Artilery Range Expanded by x3.
-Minuteman Soldiers spwans closer to Players level.
*NonEnssential Minuteman (Inspired Version) by Aidrocsid
*Militant Minuteman (Inspired Version) by AlexUtopia
*Minutemen Reskin and Stand alone by Dales
*Wee are the Minuteman (Inspired Version) by TheFirstEnd
*Lowered Minuteman Expectations (Inspired Version) by ShadowShayde

BOS Faction has theyr unique non PA Armors ,reinforced and upgraded within Capital Wasteland.
-BOS Soldiers spwans with B35 Power Armors instead of Combat Armors.
-BOS Soldiers will use ,laser weapons and specific BOS Weapons.
*Power Armor Redistribution (Inspired Version) by Oxymarrow
*Epilogue Ending Restored (Inspired Version) by SeekingtheSun

Railroad Faction:
-Units will spawn with Railroad armor the only Exception been Deacon.
*Railroad Perks -Cut contend Restored (Inspired Version) by SeekingtheSun

Institute Faction get a Overhaul of they own.Institute the most advanced faction in the commonwealth is somehow 
weaker than Minuteman ? how that?
-Now Institute synth gets a buff up ,they are essentialy like terminators and it shoud behave as such.
-Institute Weapons uses Cryogenic damage and weapons.
-The terrifing Gen 3 Synths has received a make over, They use Leather Armors ? nop they don't match the theme.
Now they have a specific armor ,worty of a Courser.
-Institute Coursers use the Network Armor.
*Better Teleporter Synths by MadgodSheogorath
*Dangerous Courser by HorseKingHecules

Gunners received an overhaul so that they are more military mercenary.
*Gunners Armor Pack by LeonPlisken
*Gunners Overhaul by Viridovix

Raiders fells more like the same,so I took measures to Enhance that experience.
Raiders spawns with different gear and weapons each time.
*Raiders Redone Gangs Enhanced by ShadowKeeper790
*Desperate Raiders Inspired by MoonRacer
*Diamond City SWAT by ThoraldGM

Power Armors Overhauls (7):
Power armors now are walking tanks ,true testament of theyr might.
-Power Armor Legs can be upgraded to reduce falling damage and increase speed underwater.
-Implemented a new PA Piece : Power Armor Custom Hydraulic Systems (PACHS) that allows PA users to jump again from Skyscrapers with no consequence.
-Implemented a new PA Piece : Power Armor Custom Fusion Core (PACFCM) Power Moddifier that allows PA Users to adjust how much energy a PA consumes.
-All Power Armors spawn points from the Commonwealth have been deleted and no ammo replacement the cages are just empty for now.
-Power Armor Specific sets have been placed in the Commonwealth:
Raider PA -Sargus Iron Works
T-45 PA -BOS joining reward,Minuteman Catacombs or Atom Cats Garage
T-51 PA -Fort Strong,National Guard Training Yard or Federal Surveillance K-21B
T-60 PA -Given as Paladin rank or found at Recon Bunker Theta
X-01 PA -35Court after lvl 27 or Federal Supply cache 84NE 
X-02 PA -BADTFL Regional Office

*Hermetic Power Armor by Mcgan
*West-tech Historical Preservation Initiative (Inspired Version) by ProgmanX
*Some Assembly Required (Inspired Version) by ProgmanX
*Power Armor Overmoded Edition (PAOE) -Expanded Version by Mcgan
*Enclave X-02 Power Armor by Unoctium & DogtoothCG
*Buildable Power Armor Frames (Inspired Version) by Lapdragon
*Capital Wasteland T-45 Standalone by MikeMoore

Workshop Mods and Overhauls (18):
*Settlement Attacks Beyond +Far Harbor by Scary666Scream
*Vehicle Salvage (Inspired Version) by Spligitmoose
*Stationary Scavangers by Saamok
*Longer Power Lines (Inspired Version) by Puma361
*No Object Limit (Inspired Version) by Puma361
*Increased Settler Population 100 (Inspired Version) by Puma361
*Better Generators (Inspired Version) by Expired6978
*Insulated Conduits (Inspired Version) by Gobbo1008
*Better Crafting Station Perk Requirements (Inspired Version) by Rad666a
*Simple Intersections by
*Scrapable Legendaries by Xylozy
*Auto-Doors + all DLC Support by Wenderer
*Real Troughs - New Brahmin Feeders by FadingSignal
*Butcher Meat Rack by BlenderFury
*Moddable Robot Settlers by Cdante
*Selectable Mark I-VII Machinegun Turret by CCmads
*Assaultron tank leg by RedPortal
*Assaultron Power Armor by RedPortal
*Immersive Scrapping + AM +FH by Xcytress

Models, Textures and Resources Mods (8):
*RRP4APA -Railroad Paint for all Power Armors by Invock
*IP4APA -Institute Paint for all Power Armors by Invock
*MMP4APA -Minuteman Paint for all Power Armors by Invock
*Wasteland Grunts -Resources Files by JNTApollo
*Leveled List Injection Toolbox by a_Blind_man
Custom Combat and Synth Armor by Endormoon & ParasiteX (Some resources used)
*Jet Weapon Collection Resource mod by Jet4571
*Vertibird Faction Paint Schemes by RoastinGhost

Weapons Overhauls and New Weapons (39):
Weapons now use the Ammo Tweaks Weapon Durability and ammo crafting.
*Far Harbor Ammo weapons and ammo in the Commonwealth by Jesterdoobie
*Right-handed Hunting Rifle by asXas
*Less Crap Legendaries by Virtual Tim
*Gunsmith Extended by undyne777
*No Weapon Clutter by SmithyPete
*Extended Weapon Mods By Akanami
*Tactical Weapon mods -Flashlights -Bayonets -Laser Sights by Sean_s
*Hallgarth's Shotguns by Hallgarth
*Road Flares by Mattsahuman
*Ransero's Laser Weapons Expanded by Ransero
*Skibadaa Weapon Pack (Redux) by Skibadaa
*Dragunov Sniper Rifle by ZunaSW
*Craftable Hunting Rifle Camo by Mershpiel
*Silenced 38 Pistol by AlexDyre
*Wastelander 's Rifle by NordicRunes
*AK 2047 Assault Rifle by ff7Cloudstrife & AUSTRO
*The M2216 Standalone Assault Rifle by ff7Cloudstrife & TheSpaceman0915
*The M9 Standalone Pistol by ff7Cloudstrife & Monitorman
*R91M Assault Rifle    By ff7Cloudstrife 
*The M14 Stand Alone Rifle by ff7Cloudstrife & Monitorman
*WaltherP38 by Leo2link

*The Varmint Rifle by asXas
*DKS -501 Sniper Rifle by LtCommander
*Better Combat Rifle Mesh by SpaceGoats
*Extra Long Barrels by NotSure700
*10mm Carbine by WestCoastGrunge86
*Grenade Syringer Rifles and ammo plus Chemestry pack by PeterChin
*Crossbows of the Commonwealth by TrickyVein
*Mauser Family by Covadonga
*Makeshift Anti-material Rifle by Shoeburglar89
*Crude BlowBack by asXas
*M2045 Magnum Revolver Rifle by TheRizzler1
LeeEnfield Standalone mod set by Galejro
*The Sturmgewehr 44 -STG44 by Sam Fisher
*M9 Standalone Pistol New Grips by Sam Fisher
*Fallout 2 Style Pipe Rifle by Tacoduck300

*M2019 PKD Detective Special -That Gun by DOOMBASED 
*M.D. Wolfe's Fusion and Fuel rebalance (Inspired Version) by MinnGarm
*Institute Electro Lasers 2.0 by Jkruse05
*Usefull Crank -Laser Musket doesn't require ammo. by HackField
*Gatling Rifle by Henkspamades
*Spetsnaz Rifle -Standalone  by Undyne777
*Luger P08 by Leo2Link
*M1 Carbine by Undyne777

You may have permission to create compatibility patches and improve upon the mod if i can't at that time.
You do not have permissions to use and upload to other sites the resources or esp as :
-The resources are not mine to begin with.
-The Esp is a compilation of mods and with a lot of my personal touches.
Special Credits and Thanks to every mod author that give me permission to use theyr resources and integrate they mods.

Q & A:

Q:How often do you update your mod?
A:When I can ,as personal life is first priority.

Q:Why do you do this mod ?
A:Because I want to reduce load order and make a interesting mod ,Also to promote unity between modders.

Q:Did you steal the other mod author work?
A:No as I do not take credit for any mod author work ,only for combining them and partially the inspired versions.

Q:Do this mod have bugs?
A:Due to sheer amount of mods its is bound to have some issues ,post them so I can fix them.

Q:Do you get any income from this mod ?
A:NO ,this mod is made with the intention of learning to use Creation Kit , and its it made only with the new found passion of creating, merging etc mods.

Q:Do you take requests ?
A:Only if it is lore friendly.

Q:I want to donate ,why i cant?
A:Because is free ,if you wish to donate for a specific mod addition please find it in the list and go to that mod author and give your thanks.

Q:Will you upload to BethesdaSf..?
A:No it only stays on Nexusmods.com

Q: Isn't there already a similar mod (Project Commonwealth) ?
A:Yes it is but it is outdated and this mod is the next version of it.

Q: Can I remove the mods that you mentioned in the list above ?
A:Yes , if you want ,or you can keep them as this mod is fully compatible with the majority of them.

Q:Did you gain permissions to integrate the mentioned mods?
A:Yes ,First from main original mod page and Second I or my associate sent a PM the original mod Author.

Q:Do you need more team members to help you ?
A:Yes ,I need more testers ,Talented mod authors to help me with creating compatiblilty patches.

NEW GAME Required since version V0.8.0 .
Re-download the patches. 
The only request I have is to please support the mentioned mod authors with an Endorsement or donation.

Recommended Mods:
NAC -Natural and Atmospheric Commonwealth
Handyman's Toolbox (pka workings sinks and toilets)

This mod was built with compatibility in mind so it will be compatible with mentioned mods.(i don't see why, to have duplicates)
More Compatibility Patches Here:
Project Overlord Compatibility Patches 
Un-compatible Mod types:
Perk Mods ,as PO comes with its own custom Perk chart.
Raider Overhaul ,as Desperate raiders does its job for it (except of the custom armors and PA)