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Nuke weapons overhaul. Nukes now have realistic behavior!

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I just wanna see the world on fire.

Nuke weapons overhaul. Now they have realistic behavior!
Nuclear Physicist 3 cool now!

Ver 1.0
  • Double damage and radius of Fatman(mirv) and Nuka grenade(mine)
  • Inital explosion ignore LoS (no more cover behind wooden wall)
  • Add Nuke HEAT effect on LoS of blast (25 fo 2 sec - total 50)
  • Add Radiation impact of 500 rad (increase to 250 on Nuka grenade)
  • Add Radiation zone after blast for 60 sec ( 24 and16 rads)

Ver 2.0
  • Mirv fuse now 1.5 sec, 6 progectile, 60 degres spread
  • Nukes disintegrate everything now even by HEAT kill

ver 2.1b 
  • Reduset HEAT effect radius to improove perfomance
  • fixed AoE  rads numbers
ver 2.2b
  • HEAT feature reworked: radius decreased, damage increased;
  • mod not punish player for using FatMan now; 
  • but can burn low lvl enemies in 1.5 radius of initial explosion.

ver 2.3
  • HEAT damage decreased to 80 but radius twice of explosion(about 75 meters);
  • rad zone stays for 30 sec; MIRV angle decreased to 45;
  • New feature:  blast wave(within a HEAT radious).
  • You can oneshot entire bandit camp by shooting in the wall!
  • Demonstration of mechanics in the video.
ver. 2.4
  • Fixed bug then piles of ash stays in the air.

ver 3.0 
  • Nuclear Physicist 3 cool now!
  • Core explosion now do flat 500dmg to all enemies and have same effects as nuka
  • grenade. But what makes it cool? - CORE EXPLOSION IGNORE PLAYER!(only rads,
  • but you have 1000 resist)
  • HEAT ignore player.

available on all platforms