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About this mod

This mod helps to clean up the weapons that enemy have dropped.

Permissions and credits
    Detect Dropped Weapon    0.5

This mod helps to clean up the weapons that enemy have dropped.

After installing, you will get the ring "Dropped Weapon Detecting Ring" and the holotepe "Dropped Weapon Detecting Program" automatically in game.
If you couldn't get or lost these items, you can craft at Chemistry stations.

How to Use
"Dropped Weapon Detecting Ring"
When you want to clean up the cells around the sole survivor, equip the ring.
After equiping, the quest "Dropped Weapon : Ring" is displayed under the section "Miscellaneous" of the Pip-Boy.
When you activate this quest, a quest marker is displayed on dropped weapon.
Pick up a dropped weapon with the help of a marker, untill you are satisfied.
After cleaning, unequip the ring. And travel the other place to clean up.

"Dropped Weapon Detecting Program"
When you want to clean up, load the holotape into the Pip-Boy or terminals.
After loading, you will be able to show following menus. And you can command some tasks.
<Entry Menu>
[Start]              :run the program and try to detect
[Continue]        :show the main menu during the program running
[Stop]               :stop the program

<Main Menu>
[Detect]            :detect dropped weapon (When this command is executed, previously information of detected weapon is destructed.)
[Mark]              :mark on dropped weapon (The quest "Dropped Weapon : Holo" is displayed under the section "Miscellaneous")
[Visualize]         :play an effect shader on dropped weapon
[Transfer to ~]   :transfer all of the detected weapon to the Sole Survivor or Active Companion or Dogmeat
[Initialize]         :destruct a current information of detected weapon
[Return]            :return to entry menu

Detection range is proportional to "uGridsToLoad(Fallout4Custom.ini)".
When you can't see a weapon under a marker, its weapon dived to the ground. To solve this case, you need to use console command "tcl" or [Transfer to ~].
The commands [Transfer to Companion] and [Transfer to Dogmeat] are displayed only when they accompany you.
Transfering works well in Vanilla, but I don't know whether or not it works well with Companion MOD.

Known Issues
Max value of quest marker is about 50.
To detect weapons placed initially.
To detect weapons placed on a Gun Brace.
To detect weapons displayed on a Weapon Rack(DLC04"Contraptions Workshop").
Once in a while, a quest marker is displayed on the Player in map.

Download with NMM and activate.

Unequip "Dropped Weapon Detecting Ring" and stop "Dropped Weapon Detecting Program" in game. And then after that, save and exit.
Finally, deactivate with NMM.

0.5.1    2016/07/12    Improve effect shader.

0.5       2016/07/09    The ring and the holotape can be used in combination.
0.4       2016/07/03    Display number of weapons in quest objective.
                                 Improve the detecting method.
                                 Fix the transfer method.
0.3       2016/07/01    Add holotape version.
0.2       2016/06/26    Fix the problem of quest logs that continue to remain.
0.1       2016/06/24    Initial release.

Credit to
Bethesda Softworks
ElminsterAU, Hlp, Zilav and Sharlikran    FO4Edit
Wenderer                FOMOD Creation Tool

Tools Used
Creation Kit v1.5.405.0
FOMOD Creation Tool