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A Patch to categorize items in Renovated Furniture to SKI/SKE categories

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This is a patch that provides Settlement Keywords Expanded (SKE) or Settlement Keywords Independent (SKI) support for the Renovated Furniture mod by aesfocus. It does so by removing the Renovated Furniture items from the vanilla menus and placing them instead in the Settlement Keywords categorized menus. Both SKI and SKE are supported by this patch.

Full credit goes to the authors of those fine mods. This mod is only a patch to integrate them together.

With the exception of the few crafting stations Renovated Furniture provides, most of its added items can be found under various subcategories of SK's POSTWAR FURNITURE category.

The current version now patches version 4 of Renovated Furniture and SKI/SKE version 1.37. If you are still using the older version of Renovated Furniture the previous patch is available in the Old Versions section.
Note: There seems to be a quirk in 1.37 if Settlement Keywords where Postwar Furniture > Beds and Postwar Furniture > Chairs are both instead named Postwar Furniture > Post War. This is just a minor naming issues and impacts nothing else. It is still clear which is which from the icon. While I could have used this patch to override the category names back to Beds and Chairs, I did not think it appropriate to override SK in any way in this patch. If SK gets an update to fix the category names, this patch should immediately show them properly without needing an update itself.


Before installing this patch, you must have either Settlement Keywords Expanded or Settlement Keywords Independent installed. You must also have Renovated Furniture installed. 

Known Issues:

There seemed to be a slight icon scaling issue with the category header of Prewar Furniture. I noticed it in SKI, I didn't check in SKE. As such some of the shiny new kitchen furniture that I was tempted to classify as Prewar, I put into the Postwar Furniture category instead, under kitchen. If you find anything that you feel should be in a different category than I have it in, please let me know.


First be sure that you have either Settlement Keywords Expanded or Settlement Keywords Independent (but not both) installed. Then be sure you have Renovated Furniture installed.

After that, install this mod using NMM or by copying the included esp into your Fallout 4\Data folder. The esp included has the same name as the esp from Renovated Furniture. You must overwrite the Renovated Furniture provided esp so be sure to allow NMM to overwrite the file when asked. Since this overwrites the existing esp, a new esp will not be added to your load order.

To uninstall, you can uninstall using NMM and it should put the original Renovated Furniture esp back in place for you. To uninstall manually, get the original esp from Renovated Furniture and overwrite the file again.