Fallout 4
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Command companions at a distance, with Companion Radio!

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Hey guys, today I got Ada stuck in the ocean on her way to Spectacle Island. I wanted a way to rescue stuck companions and got to thinking I wouldn't mind having more control over companions - both active and inactive.

What does it do?

Companion Radio will allow you to control companions at a distance. See below for the specific commands. Companion radio also has theoretical support for custom companions/multiple active companions. See comment section pinned post.

Active Companions:
  • Command
  • Wait
  • Follow
  • Stay Close/Medium/Far
  • Dismiss
Inactive Companions:
  • Recruit
  • Move (from one settlement to another)
  • Rescue (teleports a stuck companion to their intended destination)

This mod is a pretty good compliment to my other companion mod, Companion Tracker. These mods do not directly edit any companion and should be safe to use with other companion mods. However, I do not guarantee functionality with any other companion mods.

Special thanks to Registrator2000 for sharing some insight to the Command functionality since one of the provided (more appropriately named function) didn't work ideally. I had almost given up on it too! :D