Dino's Decorations - clutter arrangements for your settlements by dinozaurz
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Last updated at 12:35, 13 Jul 2017 Uploaded at 14:26, 8 Jul 2016

Make your settlements look lived in!

Technically obsolete! See CREAtive Clutter for all your clutter needs! (I'll keep this one available for those only interested in these few select items, but I'll only add updates to CREAtive Clutter from now on).


Adds 40 different clutter arrangements ranging from kitchen stuff over lab tools to things for the office space - and more.

I've used this mod for myself for a while and thus it will probably not be updated often. That said, I am tentatively open for ideas for new clutter items, so long as they're in line with the rest of the items in this mod (as in a) not single items, and b) small and decorative).

Notable things to note

+ As with Do It Yourshelf, some items are a little costly in terms of settlement budget, so keep an eye on that
+ All items will automatically use whatever texture replacer you have installed
+ All items are added in the decorations -> misc category
+ All items are static (and thus will not be thrown around, fall off surfaces or fall underground).

+ Made thanks to the Outfit Studio team, Nifskope team, and Bethesda's Creation Kit!

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