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Build your new home among the clouds!

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You! Yes, you!

Have you ever wanted to build your very own house among the clouds? High above the dirt and trash? Have you ever wanted to have the world at your feet while you're sitting by the pool and sipping an ice-cold Nuka Cola?

Now you can!

The moment I stumbled upon this location in game, I knew I had to turn it into a buildable area. The views are spectacular, the sunsets are romantic, and if you wake up in a foul mood in the morning, nothing beats being able to drop a fat man on the unsuspecting raiders below.

What exactly does this mod do?

Awesome video feature by Oxhorn (my mod featured at 13:53 mark):


First and foremost, it turns Dartmouth Professional Building's rooftop into a buildable, fully navmeshed area:

The workbench is cleverly (har har) concealed to not be too much of an eyesore:

(note: this is NOT a settlement in any sense of the word,
the workshop is there ONLY to give you access to decoration mods and allow building, nothing more,
there's also nothing to scrap, so bring your building mats with you or simply use tgm command)

And... there is an epic swimming pool with benches and breathtaking views already waiting for you:

(note: only the shallow part of the pool is navmeshed to prevent companions from going swimming
this is deliberate to avoid them glitching outside the pool and falling to their death; they will still go in and use the benches, however)

How do I get there?

The vanilla game map marker will place you near the building's lobby:

(note: there is now an alternate version available - more info in the sticky comment)

From there you can take my elevator to the roof:

Be sure to have your weapons at the ready before you fast travel there, especially at higher levels! This building is one of the random encounter locations which spawns two opposing factions to contest control of the area. Normally these battles occur between Raiders, Scavengers, BoS, Minutemen, Institute, Gunners, Children of Atom, Supermutants or ghouls, so you never know what awaits you downstairs... which is part of the fun, if you ask me. You can always sneak or stealthboy your way to the door if you don't feel like fighting. And yes, up in your pool you are perfectly safe from danger, so party away while they kill each other.


Well... looks like I lied about that last one.
If you happen to have Danse in your party after Blind Betrayal quest, you are enemies with BOS,
and because they have vertibirds, even spawning directly on the rooftop will get their attention.

To be honest, though, seeing a vertibird emerge from below the building's edge, right over the swimming pool - just like in a good old Hollywood action movie - was quite an experience. Having it crash in the yard? Extremely satisfying. Never thought I'd consider minigun bullet holes to be decorative and yet here I am.

all updates and additional info will be added there


Hey, Calarand,
why don't you just build us a fully furnished house up there so we can simply install the mod and move in?

I'm so glad you asked!

even with modder resources added to vanilla assets, I could never build anything half as epic as the stuff you can build with various mods of your choice installed. That, and I'd rather not have a long list of requirements for you to download just to make my mod work. 

building your own house, making it exactly the way you want it, with the features you need specifically for your playstyle and preference, is far better than just taking what someone gives you and trying to be happy with it - personal opinion, feel free to disagree.
building anything at such high altitude in the Creation Kit is a nightmare. It's doable, but I am not a masochist: even with visibility reduced and assets filtered out, turning on markers or navmeshes reduces framerate to 5 and adding anything more usually crashes the program within minutes. And before you ask, yes, I do have a rather beastly rig.

Last but not least:
unleash your creativity, I assure you that you do have it! Building something yourself is at least half of the fun. It's not like you have something better to do after all the quests are done and you have 900 hours logged in the game... 973, to be specific... Ahem, I'll see myself out.

Now go,
build your perfect penthouse, 
then come back to show off the screenshots
so I can be proud of you!



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