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Moon = smaller. Closer to real size.

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Makes the moon less unrealistic.

The moon in Fallout 4 looks unrealistically large. There are a bunch of good mods that make it larger, but I couldn't find one to make it smaller, thus this.

The real moon in the real sky is about 30 arc-seconds wide, or half a degree. That's about the size of a small pea held at arm's length. I can't get the player to stretch his arm out like that, nor can I think of any other accurate way to measure it in game. So after some highly unscientific trial and error I just eyeballed it. I was happy with it for months, but within a few hours of posting it on Nexus I realized it was still way too big. So after some more eyeballing I made an even smaller one. Then later I made some more.

Use only one moon!

ESL Options:
SmallerMoon17 is 17/75ths or 22.67% of vanilla. (Smallest, least unrealistic, default option.)
SmallerMoon20is 20/75ths or 26.67% of vanilla)
SmallerMoon25 is 25/75ths or 33% of vanilla)
SmallerMoon37 is 20/75ths or 50% of vanilla - Largest)

ESP Options:
Smaller Moon 18 is 18/75ths or 6/25ths or 24 % of vanilla. (Least unrealistic option.)
Smaller Moon 25 is 25/75ths or 1/3rd or 33.3333 % of vanilla. (Less unrealistic than 40, but still huge.)
Smaller Moon 40 is 40/75ths or 8/15ths or 53.3333% of vanilla. (Less unrealistic than vanilla, but stilhuge.)

Check out the comparison screenshot - the size 15 example moon is probably closer to the right size, but in the screenshot and in the game it looks weirdly small. The moral to the story is, realism mods break immersion. Or that this mod is immoral.

Zero chance of conflicts with anything that doesn't alter the size of the moon. This is just one teeny tiny itty bitty teenie weenie tweak to iSecundaSize, in Game Settings. It is compatible with all other moon mods and textures, even ones that do change the size - just load this one after that one, and you'll get a smaller moon.

Installation / Uninstallation:

Install / uninstall the usual way. It's just one .esp file.
(You can install it, remove it, upgrade it - no problem - it won't affect saved games.)

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