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Larger bunker style player home/settlement

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Bunker 1 Bravo Player Home/Settlement

First I want to point out that most of the images are brighter than they really are in the bunker.  I had to change the lighting template for images.

Bunker 1 Bravo is a larger bunker designed with plenty of room for displays and many doors so there is no "bottleneck" by NPCs getting in the way. There are 3 main areas - Player living quarters, barracks for settlers, and food production - all in one cell

Location: Directly South of Covenant next to the river, North of Wattz Electronics across the river, West of Tucker Memorial Bridge - you can actually see the bunker entrance from the bridge.  See the images for location info.

The bunker is set up so you add the lighting you want and where you want it.  Makes it nice for displaying some of the Contraptions DLC lighted pictures. There is also plenty of room to decorate.

In the player living quarters there are 6 beds for dismissed followers (beds are owned by HasBeenCompanion faction), a custom doghouse for Dogmeat (owned by Dogmeat), and a player owned bed. Also a kitchen and bar can be found off from the livingroom.

There are two very large rooms, one for displaying weapons and armor and the other for power armor displays.  Both rooms are accessed from the "workshop" room.

Downstairs the barracks, settler kitchen, showers/bathroom, and entrance to the food production can be found. This area also contains two settlers who have been working hard to keep the bunker clean. If you wait long enough you will also notice settlers using the top bunks of the bunk beds.

The Food Production area has a few mutfruit plants, a water purifier - just add power (Note: Do not scrap the water purifier, you will not be able to place another one there), a power conduit (see images) that supplies power to the whole bunker for added lighting - again just add power, and a large area for crops.

I would like to add, if you scrap or disable any of the furniture in the player area you will see NPCs doing wierd things.  I have placed idle markers around and on the furniture such as sitting on the player bed, leaning on the couch and chairs, sitting on the arm of the chairs, etc.

You no longer have to kill a radroach to gain ownership of the workbench, just walk through the door at the entrance, thanks aloot!

The wood textured Magazine Racks, Bobblehead Stand, and the diamond plate Weapon displays that you see in the images can be found as an optional download at Bunker 1 Alpha mod page.

Also special thanks to Stoaty6666 for testing and IndyCurt for suggesting a different lighting scheme.

Please check out my other homes:
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Permissions:  If you want to use my textures/material swaps, just ask.  I do not, however, want my stuff used in paid mods (donations to your mod is okay).