Fallout 4
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Automatically skips the DIMA memory puzzles when doing the quest "Best left forgotten".

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The puzzles of DIMAs memories were (in my mind) the most annoying part of Far Harbor. They were long, boring and the [email protected]*king bugs never went where I wanted them to, if they moved at all. This mod triggers when you activate the power switch in the Nucleus Control Room just before the terminal with the puzzles and runs through the quest objectives to act as if you completed the memories. You will still have to listen to the tapes to advance the quest.

Side note, bravo Bethesda for not making it easy to figure out how to edit DLC scripts, spent nearly an hour figuring that out. FYI for anyone who wants to know, extract the archive in Fallout 4\Data\scripts\Source\DLC03 to Fallout 4\Data\scripts\Source\Base to open in the CK.