Culinary Masterpieces - Useful Food by Sirsilica
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Added: 05/07/2016 - 09:40PM
Updated: 14/07/2016 - 05:41PM

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Last updated at 17:41, 14 Jul 2016 Uploaded at 21:40, 5 Jul 2016

Ever the resourceful one, the Sole Survivor has put together a collection of culinary masterpieces.

This mod features: A variety of pies (Apple, Gourd, Mutant Hound, Mutfruit, and Tarberry--enough to make Fix-It Felix Jr. blush), Bread, Cornbread, Cram Sandwiches, and Deathclaw Sandwiches. The first update brought Rice; Beans and Rice; Beans, Rice and MEAT; Breakfast Casserole; Gumbo; Jambalaya Pasta; Yakisoba; and Yakisoba Sauce. The most recent update was essentially a "juice update", as 8 out of 9 items were juice (Apple, Carrot, Gourd, Grape (Hubflower), Melon, Mutfruit, Tarberry, and Tato), plus one food item, Stingwing Stew.

As of 1.2 you can plant Tarberry, Bloodleaf, Hubflower, and Rice plants.


Version 1.2 - Adds 8 juices, 1 new food (Stingwing Stew), and fixes the XP bonus on Jambalaya Pasta.

Version 1.12 - A few balancing changes, such as value adjustments, and food uses less Razorgrain. Bloodleaf and Hubflower can now also be

Version 1.1 - Adds 8 new food items and the ability to plant one new crop. Rice can be bought from Connie at Abernathy Farm.

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