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About this mod

Fixes the Diamond City Bounty Board to repeat all quests after a certain time. It also adds new quests to the bounty board rotation.

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Bethesda.net - PC: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4012610
Bethesda.net - XBone: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4012612
Bethesda.net - PS4: I can't make this, as this mod uses external scripts. I'm trying to see if I can find a work-around.

Quick Notes

The Children of Atom kill quest is finished, but I haven't been able to trigger it yet for final testing due to how rare it is and me not knowing a way to force the situation. If you find it, please take note of anything weird with it and let me know!


I enjoyed the bounty board quests but found that they ended far too soon! So I made my first mod to fix that problem.

This mod does a couple of things related to bounties:
  1. Fixes the vanilla bounties so that they repeat
  2. It adds some time between the quests appearing
  3. Allows two bounties to be accepted at one time
  4. Adds four new quests that are repeatable

This mod adds some time between quests appearing. I felt that having them pop up one right after another broke a little of the immersion of having these posted by real people. Now, around 24 in-game hours must pass before a second one pops up.

This mod also allows a second bounty quest to be accepted while the first is outstanding. This was done so that you can keep two in your journal while you quest your way across the commonwealth until you get close to the spot with the quest.

Third, it adds new bounties to break up the monotony of only getting a few of them repeatedly.
  • Synths
  • Wildlife
  • Gunners
  • Children of Atom

For these new quests and their rewards, I added a mechanic that I felt was more immersive than placing caps on the body of the target. Instead, you will find the reward somewhere in Diamond City after you kill the target.

I had to touch the vanilla quests in order to make them repeat.

Please remember, this mod is in BETA right now. I intend to finish it, but I need more people playing this than just me. Any issues you find, please let me know. I cannot fix them if I don't know about them.

Future Plans

  • Add some more traditional quests to give some form of continuity and help me expand my skill sets
  • Add some way to integrate bounties into settlements (a board, bounty office, bounties in settlements)
  • Put in some surprises for the more dedicated bounty hunters

Installation and Requirements

There are no requirements other than the base game. I tried to make this available for everyone to use. I don't have it uploaded to Bethsoft.net yet, but only because I haven't figure out how to do so.

If you use Nexus Mod Manager, then just download, activate, and bounty your way to a small fortune!

If not, then extract the files to the Data subfolder underneath your Fallout 4 installation.

Updating from a Previous Version

There shouldn't be any issues with updating as long as you are not actively pursuing a bounty quest, but just to make sure, keep a save from before. Don't want to lose too much time.


This mod should be compatible with most other mods out there.

The one's I am not sure about are ones that modify the bounty board quests specifically. If you find one that doesn't work, let me know and I'll try to get it to. Otherwise, it'll just have to be a known incompatibility.


As far as I know, there shouldn't be any issues with uninstalling the mod from your save, as long as you don't have a bounty quest active.


Are these bounties radiant?
So far, yes. I really like the idea of a generic quest that can be used in multiple situations and so the radiant system works for that. Making them repeatable is a big bonus of the radiant system.

Do the bounties repeat?
Yes! They are repeatable. I've even taken the vanilla quests and made them repeatable as well.

Why can't I get any bounties?
There might be a couple of reasons. First, make sure that you are of sufficient level for some of the quests. Second, If you've been doing quests really quickly, then you might run out of quests for a bit. I've included a sort of "cooldown" timer so that you don't get the same quest back-to-back. Due to that, wait around a week and see if some quests come back around.

I waited a week and I still don't see any more quests. Why is that?
Congrats to you for cleaning up the Commonwealth! Basically, if the game can't find a suitable situation to apply the bounty to, it won't show the bounty. I'm still trying to figure out the details of the Radiant system to figure out if I can get them to pick up more situations for the bounties. Specifically, I'm not sure that when the story manager can't find a situation to apply a quest to, does it ignore the quest or does it try to reset a cell to set up the bounty.

Is this mod ever going to get out of beta?
I am a programmer by trade, and so programming is a lot like art for me. One aspect that is pertinent to this F.A.Q. is that, a lot like art, a mod is never finished, only abandoned. I want to say though, that next time this mod is "abandoned", it will be feature-complete and stable.

Wait a minute, are you saying you're going to abandon the mod AGAIN!?!
Hopefully not! Since Bethesda and UF4P worked out what was going there, that has helped a lot. Second, I had some random guy hit me up on Reddit and ask me to work on the mod. It was really cool for me to have worked on something someone wanted. And third, my wife told me that I should keep working on it. So, hopefully this mod will continue to live for quite some time!


Many thanks to Registrator2000 for his Bullet Time mod. I used it as an example of creating a configuration item. Check his stuff out!