About this mod

Adds many new variations of plants, wild plants, potted plants, and planters to the crafting menu, also adds quite a few statics to decorate with and live trees that normally would not be craftable.

Permissions and credits
Fallout 4
Far Harbor & Nuka World after 1.2
By request, I merged More Colorful Harvest & More, More Colorful Bathroom Art, More Colorful Fishy Stuff, & More Colorful Potted Plants into the same file. I will leave up the individual files in case you don't want everything. This file is over 4 times the size of the last version of More Colorful Harvest. I left the esp name of MCH the same name so the scripting will not go wonky.

Please refer to each page for its usage and screenshots. More Colorful Harvest adds new colors to vanilla plants using in game plants with altered textures to make a bigger variety of colors for the gardener in all of us. I am making this mod to compile many mods that only add a few things cluttering my Data folder. It will hopefully make many older mods that I use made with FO4edit obsolete. It ads many of the planters, pre-war & Institute trees and wild plants that normally would not be craftable and more.

This is my first voyage into Falout 4 modding and nif mashups so some of the nifs are not perfect. All can be crafted in your settlement workshop and assigned to settlers and will produce resources. Planters in Statues, trees in Miscellaneous and plants in Food. It does not add any new ingredients, nor does it alter any vanilla plants, and uses comparable ingredients for crafting. I did this since some ingredients are needed for certain quests and crafting.

Mod is as is, take it or leave it. I will probably be adding more vanilla wild plants and/or planters to the craft list later on. 

Makes trees compatible with other tree mods also with custom re-colors. No more overwriting files from other mods.
Adds more potted plants.

Merges More Colorful Harvest & More, More Colorful Bathroom Art, More Colorful Fishy Stuff, & More Colorful Potted Plants into the same file.

added missing wild razorgrain texture. 

scripted custom menu.
Start a new game after download.
I've included an uninstaller because it came with the scripts, but I will not support it or try to fix it.
(Hopefully) fixed the wild razorgrain by replacing the mesh with a domestic razorgrain to give its ingredient and re-colored the texture so it's identifiable. Will conflict with any mod that changes the wild razorgrain.
Fixed the chessboard.
Fixed the wild gourd planter, again.

fixed a few missing textures and put everything in a "More Colorful" sub-folder.

more planted benches
2 aquariums with two glass options (sorry no moving fish) 
Mirelurk Queen Dome (see screenshots)
Bloatfly Dome
a few more potted plants
a few more terrariums with two glass color options
Made the terrariums harvestable and assignable. (They will remove the old terrariums from the game)
a few trees that I missed the last time around
Planters give 3 of each ingredient to player, this will help with those hard to find plants but still be within reason. 
adds NPC farming markers to plants. 
A tricycle with a few blocks just for fun. 

Two benches 
2 terrariums
potted plants
fixed the holly bush that keeps trying to go in the ground.

Live trees & shrubs

Sets the textures back to the correct files.

0.91 Adds:
Tarberry planter
Wild Tarberry planter
2 Silt Beans + planters
2 Greenhouse tables
5 decorated greenhouse tables (see images)
1 grouping of plant pots
wild gourd + planter
wild melon + planter
Ash blossom + planter
razorgrain planter (no more floating razorgrain)
wild razorgrain planter
wild mutfruit planter
Fixed many nif errors
removed a few nifs

0.9 Adds:
Glow maps to many of the plants.
Bloodleaf in 15 colors (plus vanilla) and planters
Mutated Ferns in 10 colors (plus vanilla) and planters
Hubflower in 15 colors (plus vanilla) and planters
Thistle in 7 colors with two different bark colors, making 14 (plus vanilla) and planters
Rose planters in 10 colors (low poly vanilla meshes)
No without planters as the mesh does not play well when being planted.
Tato in 5 colors and planters
Glowing Fungus in planters in 5 colors (plus vanilla) Brain fungus + planter
Carrot Flower + planter
Silt Bean + planter
Tato Blossom + planter

More Colorful Mods 
More Colorful Critters 
Over 150 more critters to shout at. 
More Colorful Clothing
adds over 300 female clothes, shoes, boots, sandals, wedding wreaths, and gloves to the game all craftable
More Colorful Alchemy Plants
This is a resource with a small sample mod to show you what the plants look like in the game. Each plant has a corresponding ingredient. The sample plants are behind Jorrvaskr.
More Colorful Shrooms
This is a resource with a small sample mod to show you what the mushrooms look like in the game. Each 'shroom has a corresponding ingredient. The 'shrooms in game are on the road in front of Pelagia Farm.
More Colorful Ferns
This is a resource with a small sample mod to show you what the plants look like in the game. The plants in game are on the grounds around Jorrvaskr.
Markarth Botanical Gardens
An eye candy mod with a living area, new alchemy plants, and a new world space to call home. Live there, hunt there, or harvest and run. 
Falkreath Overlook Farmhouse
A small house above Falkreath with lots of landscaping, new alchemy plants, and crafting and storage areas. 
More Colorful Trees & Shrubs
Tree resource with a small sample mod to show the trees in game. Look on the road between the western watchtower and Whiterun stables.
Riften Well House
Argonian house next to Riften South Gate. Inspired by Wolverine Hall Well House by Korana for Morrowind. 
Solitude Tree House Shack 
(optional General Stores compatibility) Small house with a lot of landscaping on the island next to Solitude Sawmill.
A Place to Stay
Inspired by "A Good Place to Stay" mod by Simstar for Morrowind. Adds a Dwemer house next to Pelagia Farm with mannequins for each of the types of armor in Skyrim with quite a few to spare for armor mods. 

Fallout 3:

More Colorful Clothing FO3 Edition

Fallout NV:
More Colorful Clothing Fallout NV Edition

Fallout 4:

More Colorful Harvest & More
Adds wild plants, planters, terrariums, aquariums, benches, tables and more to the crafting menu.
Food Drive Favorites
What ever happened to all those cans of beans anyway? 
More Colorful Bathroom Art
Which is correct, over or under? The world may never know.
More Colorful Commonwealth
Adds a little color to the grasses of the Commonwealth
More Colorful Fishy Stuff
More Colorful Potted Plants
More Colorful General Merchandise

Skyrim Special Edition:
Dunmer Ranger Armor SE 
Adds 5 sets of light armor, each in the colors of a Dunmer great house
More Colorful Clothing SE 
Adds over 300 different clothing, & shoe options for vanilla female body, also adds a few options for males
More Colorful Critters SE 
over 300 different kinds of critters & plants to harvest
Skooma Activism Outfit 
There has been a push for the emperor to legalize skooma in Tamriel, show your support with a legalize skooma shirt
A Place to Stay SE
Jaxonz Blink Teleport SE 
Porting of my favorite spell to SSE
Markarth Botanical Gardens SE
Riften Well House SE
More Colorful Auroras 
Makes the northern lights of Skyrim more vibrant
Solitude Treehouse Shack SE
More Colorful Solitude
Makes the Blue palace a bit more, well, blue
Riverwood Basement 
Small player home under Hod & Gerdur's house in Riverwood.
Left Hand Mine Shack
Dark Dawnguard Armor
More Colorful Bug Jars
Dark Ancient Falmer Armor
More Colorful Ferns SE
More Colorful Trees SE
Largashbur Wise Woman's Hut

Known Issues:
Items will not show up if you do not have the ingredients to craft them, although they are in the menu.Most items have no art objects. I will try to fix this after I've taken a break for a while.It takes about a minute for all the menu items to show up in the crafting menu. This is scripted. Wait at least a minute before opening the crafting menu upon game startup.My menu may not show up at all if you have another scripted crafting mod installed if you download mid game. Sometimes the menus get stuck. Leave the sub-menu then return and it should work again. 

Future Plans
none ATM
Q & A

Q: console?
A: no
Q: Is this a replacer?
A: no
Q: You broke my game/it doesn't work.
A: Yes, it does, remove some of your crafting mods and try again
Q: Will you make it SK/Homemaker/some other mod you don't want to use compatible?
A: No
Q: Your work sucks.
A: You got what you paid for. 
Q: Do you know the meaning of life?
 A: yep

1) Extract the contents of the ZIP folder into a temporary folder or use NMM
2) Cut & Paste files to your Data folder
3) Have fun
Never uninstall a scripted mod mid game. You will have a lot of problems. Next update will have a script to add custom categories to the vanilla menu. Only uninstall if you are going to start a new character.
To The Good Lord 
Bethesda for creating Fallout 4.
Elianora for her tutorial on static mashups in Outfit Studio. I learned what not to try to mash up. 
Hanaisee for her tutorial on static mashups in Nifskope.
Tools Used:
3ds Max
Ivy Generator for 3ds Max
Materials Editor
Outfit Studio
Creation Kit
Bethesda Archive Extractor 
Textures from Textures.com and personal photos
Fish Models from TurboSquid (general licencing)

Tutorials used: 
Creating rocks in 3ds Max
Creating a Low Poly Plant in 3ds Max
Creating a flower pot & plant stand in 3Ds Max
Make a simple Vase in 3Ds Max
Modeling in 3Ds Max
IPart 2
You may edit the crafting menu for personal use. It's not hard to remove things via the Creation Kit or F4edit. 
Ask if you want to use the edited meshes, some are jury rigged to work and may seem backwards. 
You may NOT upload this file to any other site without my permission.
You may not put them in any compilation of resources without my permission. 
You may not use them in a mod where you ask for money.
Permissions for translations on a case by case basis.
Translations must link back to this file.