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Burn and make use of those unscrappable books

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I am looking for some feedback as to the end product of burning to potentially replace fertilizer and would really appreciate any thoughts. Please check out the posts section if you are willing to weigh in.


I didn't like the fact that there was nothing we could do with the burnt books, magazines, folders, and things of that type. It also never quite seemed right to me that we got cloth from scrapping old newspapers and other paper-like things the same as if we were to scrap old clothing.

One answer would be to add some scrap to the burnt items, and there are some mods out there that do that, but to me it still didn't feel quite natural to get wood or cloth out of folders and such. I decided to take it a step further.

The hard part was deciding out of the choices available in Fallout 4, what would make the most sense to be able to scrap these things into. Burning them completely seemed like the most logical thing to do with burnt or useless paper, which would make ash. There is no ash resource, but as someone who likes to garden I know that ash can be used to amend soil and add minerals. The game does have fertilizer so I went with that. It's not exactly right, but within the scope of what the game offers, it seemed to make enough sense.

If you run into any issues, have any suggestions, have requests for items that should be added in, or have compatibility issues with other mods, please let me know.

What this mod does:

1. Adds a new crafting station you can build at the workshop called Book Burning Fire. It looks like a campfire with cinder blocks around it.

2. Adds recipes only at this new crafting station that allow you to burn your books, basically to turn the supported items into fertilizer. How many items it takes varies from item to item. More details in the how to use section.

3. Makes some changes to the weight and scrap content of the supported items. Cloth scrap was removed from the newspapers and pre-war money. Magazines and some other items had a little weight added as detailed below. The more rare paper based items, such as Late Edition Newspaper, etc, were intentionally not included as it is unlikely you would be able to accumulate enough of them to make any appreciable fertilizer out of.

A full list of the items modified is at the end of the description.


This mod has no direct requirements outside of the base game. 

However, it is made to support Valdacil's Item Sorting. That mod is not required but is recommended. The items that are modified by this mod are given sorting tags in their name and you will see them designated as [Trash] regardless. If there is a request to do so I could make a version without the tags but I think they are nice to have even if you don't use Valdacil's Item Sorting at all.

Icon Edition Requirements:
This optional version of the mod that I am calling Icon Edition has some additional requirements which are outlined below in the Icon Edition section. This is how I use the mod in my own game so I am making it available as well. Please only use this optional version once you have read the details about it, otherwise just skip it and stick with the main version.

How To Use:

First, you need to create a Book Burning Fire. You can do this from the crafting section of your workshop menu. It requires some wood and concrete but there are no perk requirements.

Once you have the fire built, you can use it like any other crafting station. For convenience and lack of clutter on the crafting menu, only burning recipes for which you have at least one of the required item in your inventory will show up. For example, in order to see the recipe to burn folders into fertilizer, you must have at least one folder in your inventory.

The amount of items it takes to produce 1 fertilizer is based around the burnt book. The burnt book has 1 weight and will produce 1 fertilizer. In general, magazines, comics, and newspapers were given .3 weight and it takes 3 of them to produce 1 fertilizer. Folders and pre-war money was given 0.2 weight and it takes 5 of them.

Known Issues:

I couldn't really find a fitting crafting animation to use for this. As of now I am using the animation from cooking at the fire spit. It definitely looks out of place, but at least it doesn't impact functionality at all. If anyone has any thoughts of a better animation to use let me know.


This mod is only a plugin and uses only vanilla assets. The only potential compatibility issues that I can think of would be if another mod edits the properties of the burnt books, folders, etc. that this mod does. The results would depend on which came first in the load order but would be nothing serious. In the worst case, this mod would still function perfectly fine except that the weight changes to the items may not be reflected or items that got their cloth scrap taken away might get it back.
Icon Edition:

This is how I use the mod and it is intended for people who also use both Valdacil's Item Sorting and DEF_UI. It also requires ICONLIBS2 For DEF_UI which adds more icon choices to DEF_UI. The difference in this version is that it tags all of the items that can be burned with a fire icon instead of the regular trash icon.

Once you have those 3 mods installed, you also must add the following line to \Data\interface\DEF_CONF\DEF_INV_TAGS.xml
<tag icon='fire' keyword='Burn' hidetag='true'/>

If you are at all uncomfortable with these instructions or it seems like unnecessary extra work, just use the normal version of this mod. All the Icon Edition version does is change the icons from the trash one to the fire one.


You can install using NMM or manually by copying the included .esp to your Fallout4/Data folder and appending to your load order. If you are using the Icon Edition, see above.

To Uninstall, use NMM or remove the .esp from your Fallout4/Data folder and remove from your load order. This mod contains only vanilla assets and no scripts so should be pretty safe to uninstall any time as far as I know.

Affected Items List:
Boston Bugle
Rolled Boston Bugle
Folded Boston Bugle
Pre-war Money
Burnt Book
Burnt Textbook
Burnt Trade Magazine
Burnt Lifestyle Magazine
Burnt Fashion Magazine
Burnt Manta-Man Comic
Burnt Grognak Comic
Burnt Unstoppables Comic
Ruined History Book
Ruined Book
Ruined Book (There are 2 of these, I'm not sure why, but they are both included)

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