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Erase tapes! Write tapes! Categorise tapes!
No more lost tapes without the console!
Make Holotapes Great again!

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Are you tired of having useless holotapes in your inventory?
Never even PLAYED Pipfall, but leave it in a container or on a shelf at home to rot?

Does your mod come with a SETTINGS HOLOTAPE, but you HATE the thought of people crafting things at the Chem Lab?
Tired of having UNDROPPABLE settings holotapes in your inventory after you've configured your mods?

Well, look no further!

WolfJack Industries is proud to present the Vault-Tec WJI Holotape Recording Terminal™!


The mod adds two terminals to your Crafting Menu: the Recording Terminal, and the Mod Config Terminal.

Recording Terminal:

(Requires Hacker Level 1 to craft) Crafting Recipes WIP based on user feedback.

- Create functional holotapes using blanks, wipe functional holotapes to create blanks.
At present, functional holotapes include all games and hacks. Audio logs will possibly be added in the near future.

- Spotlight Control unlocks with the terminal, at Hacker Level 1.
Turret Control unlocks at Hacker Level 2, while Protectron Control unlocks at Hacker Level 4.

- Craft blank holotapes from basic components (1 circuitry, 1 plastic) at Hacker Level 3.
This will potentially get moved to a separate crafting bench at a later date.

Mod Config Terminal:

(No requirements to craft)

The Mod Configuration Terminal has a very specific use, in that it is used to craft supported mod configuration tapes for free.
No balancing issues, no crafting or skill requirements. Tapes at this station are subject to change based on external mod updates, etc.
The tapes created at this terminal are DIFFERENT RECIPES to the ones created at the Recording Terminal, and cannot be scrapped.
This is to prevent potential balance issues with getting a load of free holotapes right at the beginning of the game when using mods that
utilise the blank holotapes, such as
Survival Saving - Holotapes.

The most useful function of this terminal in my opinion is that you can now re-create a config tape for any mod patched to add it here,
in the case you've lost a tape by reinstalling mods, dropped it, or otherwise. I intend to make this an optional component at a later date.

Mod Support:

HTnTK Hacking, Tapes 'n' Tinkering Keywords - Required

HTnTK is a framework I'm creating to support maximum interactivity for all of my mods.
It does very little for now, but due to the interaction between 'Tinkerer's Toolbench' and 'More Functional Holotapes',
BOTH mods are now dependent on HTnTK. They are independent of each other as a result.

This mod works primarily as part of HTnTK, however its functions are GREATLY enhanced when used by other mods!

Permissions to use a number of mods are pending, some received, but patches have already been completed
for any mod I could find that uses holotapes in any functional way, be it configuration menu or otherwise.

Recommended Mods:

- Cartographer's Map Markers
Tape available in Recording Terminal. Holotape erasable to create Blank.

- Visible Companion Affinity
Tape available in Recording Terminal. Holotape erasable to create Blank.

- Companion Tracker
Tape available in Recording Terminal. Holotape erasable to create Blank.

- Dynamic Interior Fog Remover
Config tape available in both terminals. Holotape erasable to create Blank.

- Immersive HUD 
Config tape available in both terminals. Makes tape droppable. Holotape erasable to create Blank.

- Journal of the Sole Survivor
Tape available in Recording Terminal. Holotape erasable to create Blank.

- Mix Tapes - Custom Music
All tapes available in Recording Terminal. Holotape erasable to create Blank.

- Survival Options
Config tape available in both terminals. Makes tape droppable.

- Survival Saving - Holotapes
Uses all of my 'Blank Holotapes' instead of the more specific 'Recordable Holotapes'.

- Valdacil's Item Sorting
Base support, modified holotape sorting tags .xml available.

Required by VIS. Mandatory for my VIS alterations patch.

- Updated ICONLIBS2
Highly recommended. New icons for VIS, used by my holotape sorting xml!

Other Optional Patches (Requires Main File installed first!)

- NexusAU's Cheat Menu  
- Adds the Holotape to the Recording Terminal under 'Utilities'

- ApocalypZon Shopping  
- Adds the Holotape to the Recording Terminal under 'Software'

- Mark and Recall Holotape   
- Adds the holotape to the Recording Terminal under 'Software'

Newly Supported in v1.1:

- Settlement Management Software
- Adds the holotape to the Recording Terminal under 'Software'

- Hacking 101
- Makes the Auto Hack tool into a holotape, craft at Terminal.

All added tapes by other mods are erasable and re-craftable, never lose a holotape again!

Have a mod that you'd like to add to the Terminal? Let me know! I'm happy to support any well-made holotape mod and add it to my Optional Patches.

If you use the HoloRecorder - VIS patch, any mods that modify VIS will be incompatible with this mod.

Patching Disclaimer:

Permissions have been requested and so far most of them granted to add my patches for these mods.

None of these mods are included in any way, and are required to use their relevant patches!

Furthermore, the functions of the majority of these mods are entirely untouched, except for making their holotapes scrappable.
In doing so, I have removed the automatic 'quest' addition of holotapes to your inventory for some mods,
so either make sure you already have one, or are prepared to craft one at either terminal to configure your mods!
Mods such as IHUD, DIFR, etc have tapes available with no perk or component requirements at the Mod Config Terminal.

If anyone has a mod or uses a mod which would benefit from adding their holotapes to one of the terminals, PM me and I'll endeavour to add
in a patch for these mods as soon as possible. I'd love to develop this into a framework for holotape-based mods and features if possible!

If you want to create a patch for this to work with your mod, let me know and I'd be happy to help, it's quite simple!


Survival Saving - Holotapes was one of the major inspirations for this mod, as I had been searching for a mod that changes saving in survival.
With Holotape Recording and Survival Saving both installed, all holotapes can potentially be used as a method of saving your game.
Blank holotapes are also added to levelled loot lists in place of DeEz's 'recordable holotapes'. Saving still produces a 'used holotape'.

Valdacil's Item Sorting is supported by the base mod, and all holotapes are named by his conventions.
I have included my own new tags for holotapes in an optional xml, (many thanks to valdacil for his help!)
which will add in several new categories, specifically for every holotape including the vanilla FO4 audio logs:

Holotapes - Software
Holotapes - Logs
Holotapes - Games
Holotapes - Utilities

Logs covers every audio log included in the base game and DLC, and as such the DLC is required when using the 'HoloRecorder- VIS.esp' patch.

Load Order:

Make sure to put Holotape Recorder.esp under any mods that affect holotapes.
Make sure that all patch esps are under Holotape Recorder.esp, and put the VIS Patch LAST in those patches.

Any mods that modify VIS will be incompatible with this mod. If you come across any issues/incompatibilities with sorting changes,
please let me know and I'll endeavour to make an alternate patch for you if I can!

Future Plans:

My OCD is such that I can't stand cluttered crafting menus. As such, I'm hoping to turn this into the basis for a proper 'Holotape Keywords' in the near future, to provide support for all mods that add a holotape via a set of keywords in the style of AWKCR If anyone has any ideas they think just HAVE to be in such a mod, please let me know and I'll endeavour to add categories and keywords that would fit as I go along!

Crafting Station:
- Add a more detailed Holotape Desk, and possibly a unique container. - In progress
- Add a 'Recording Machine' version to put on a desk next to your terminal! - In progress
- Add support to scrap vanilla and DLC audio logs into 'Blank Holotapes', possibly on a specific 'Formatting Terminal'.

Misc Tweaks:
- Recipe requirement tweaks for crafted holotapes
- SKE and SKI support

Tape Ideas:
- Add Gwinnett Brewing Recipe tape crafting, with Chemist level 2 and a bottle of the original brew as requirements.



  The animation used was designed for NPCs, so the player can get stuck in it much like with the LooksMenu.
   - To fix this, simply switch to third person and move!

  Using Visible Companion Affinity without my VIS patch prevents the 'Affinity List' item from getting added to the holotape folder.
   - I have a fix working using an alternate Holorecorder - Companion Affinity.esp and will be uploading a replacement over the coming days.


Many thanks to a number of modders for their fantastic tutorials, mods and support over the years, including Elianora, Gopher, and Valdacil!

Special Thanks to Jason, without whom I'd never have started messing around with xEdit, and this mod would never have seen the light of day...