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Beneath the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Vault-Tec constructed several of their ‘Societal Preservation Program’ Vault-Tec Vaults. One such vault – located to the south-west of the city of Boston, was designed to house and protect the families of personnel working at the nearby military installation Sentinel Site Prescott in the event of global thermonuclear war. Unfortunately, ‘Vault 35’ as it was designated, was located directly beneath the nuclear detonation that destroyed much of Boston and created the area now known as ‘The Glowing Sea’.

In the hundreds of years following the ‘Great War’, a cult of survivors known as the ‘Children of Atom’ discovered the remains of the Vault in the highly irradiated ruins of the Glowing Sea. Taking the destruction of this once-thought indestructible sanctuary as a demonstration of the power of their deity, the Children moved into the ruins and constructed a church to Atom, spreading the word of their beliefs to whoever would listen.

As the ‘Sole Survivor', discover the ruins and secrets of The Glowing Vault for yourself, engage with its new dwellers, and discover the unethical experiment intended to be carried out within that never came to fruition.


Version 1.0 of The Glowing Vault is an environment and atmosphere demo intended as a first release of the mod. Currently you can explore a lot of the total Vault area, scavenge valuable items and supplies, and get a taste of some of the story behind the vault through interactive terminals.

There are currently no NPCs in the Vault - please see 'Planned Features' below for more info.

The Vault itself is automatically marked on your map as 'Vault 35' - it is located beneath the Crater of Atom, near the bottom edge of the map. You can fast travel there immediately if wanted.


  • Brand new explorable vault with a Children of Atom overlayed theme 
  • Custom Vault textures 
  • New vault suit 
  • Original soundtrack 

Planned Features:

  • Original characters and an absorbing quest centred around the Children of Atom 
  • More of the Vault to explore 
  • NPCs to fight 
  • Custom items, i.e. bobblehead, magazines, etc.
  • Realistic radiation Please leave your feedback, constructive criticism helps make things better! 

Additional Credits:

RetiredMagician - logo
mbesham - custom textures
OG Scoops - original soundtrack

You may not re-use or re-upload this mod without permission.