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Adds moving vehicles to the Wastelands

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This is still a work in progress but does work.


The main issue I've had is when I tried to use an existing save. Sometimes it does work with an existing save but a bit of trial and error.

Quest version:
This is now at the Robot Disposal Ground (East of 111) and you will need to access the terminal first and add a throne before you can properly use it. Until you do that it is not accessible. Once you have added the throne you will have a setup item in your inventory to play different animations. These will only happen when you enter the Automathrone so if you change it while you are already on there it won't update till you next enter it. If you lose it you can get another at the terminal.

Idle Tokens however will play the animation while you are already on there but they are only a short animation. They CANNOT be used with Kellog's gun cleaning setting. Game just doesn't allow it. Also the favouriting doesn't quite work as expected.

I haven't done much testing but if you enter in Third Person it might make the camera a bit funny. At some point I'll look into that but I thought be good to get the file up for people to try out.

Check out the Discussions for the planned updates.

Hope you like the mod, massive thanks to Skyrimlu who has done a huge amount of work on this mod! Thanks also to NavalDaval who helped me with a bit of code on the forum.

Along with the other great videos (except mine lol) in the video section there is a new YouTube from Tyrannicon which shows the latest version along a lot of other fantastic mods.

Non Quest version is v0.03 and no longer the main file:
The Automathrone will be located at the Vault 111 entrance




Featured on Gopher's Fallout 4 Mod Vault video

(Tx Gopher)

This is  Luis Guerreiro on Nexus "Skyrimlu"

There's a new version of the Addons with new vehicles and it is called Car Bot - up for download.

Version independent from this mod but with similar functionalities.

The models received a new skeleton (made by Bwones) that alters the player position.

All vehicles have new scripts.

Can be build in the Workshop Menu in "Special" (first menu normally used for quests).

You can use a minigun on it (build it under Utility in chem Station) - this gun is a bit overpowered to compensate for the difficulty shooting while riding. It just kills anyone...be careful (ammo can also be built in the chem station - it uses special seaking projectiles).


Endorsement and Votes are Welcome
(A lot of work was put into this)



Ready to download a concept from jayrun as you can see in in the image below:

Still needs some work on the textures...

Coming soon: