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Author's notes:
- This mod is a Nexus exclusive, I will not spend time to upload my mod to other sites and I will not trust others to do so in my stead, please respect this decision (If you do find this mod on another site, it was stolen and may contain malware)
- Version 1.2.0+ was made with the Creation Kit and may need balancing on values, please notify me if enemies seem exceptionally strong/weak
- Supports Automatron, Far Harbor and Nuka World DLC
- You do NOT have to wait for cell reset for this mod to take effect
- Do NOT install the Beefy Bosses addon if you do NOT want ridiculously strong boss enemies!
- This mod uses the Mod Configuration Menu by Registrator2000, Neanka and Shadowslasher410; please make sure you have it installed before using this mod


TL;DR, what it does is it makes NPC levels scale to the player's level, whenever, wherever. As well as changing some of the NPCs' attributes for a better NPC stat curve. Resulting in more varying combat gameplay and more challenging fights, as well as a much better late game.

It makes NPC stats linear, this means e.g. a gunner conscript will not feel considerably more easy at level 60 compared to at level 30.

It doesnt make NPCs arguably stronger, raiders are still weak, enemies can still die to a single shot

It means that at level 1, you shouldnt* feel much difference with vanilla, but at level 100, you should* get the feeling the game isnt as much of a joke as it would be on vanilla (its still challenging, hooray!)

(*) subject to balancing, some things about this mod may need tweaking

In the vanilla game, NPC levels are calculated only once per area when you first enter that area, and they remain at that level until cell reset.
This mod changes that, so you may enjoy enemies that equal your strength at all times.

It also ensures that enemies do not turn into bullet sponges when reaching higher levels (You get extra damage based on your level, to compensate for the ever increasing health pool of NPCs);(Damage increase kicks off at level 100 and increases exponentially, capping out at 3x)

Most NPCs get an increase in damage and armour penetration based on their level (read extra info tab for more information)
You will see this in FO4Edit/Creation Kit as crDamageBoostLeveled01 and crDamageBoostLeveled02

The reason NPCs use a different graph from the player is because
A - NPCs dont appear to have an experience attribute, only level, and sadly there is no AVIF for level, only experience - Changed as of V1.2.0, because of Creation Kit
B - NPCs dont really do a whole lot of damage to begin with, so their multipliers need to be higher than the player's
C - The 2 different leveled damage boosts for NPCs allows to differentiate between 'stronger' and 'weaker' enemies (e.g. the Raiders using crDamageBoostLeveled02 (lesser) and Gunners using crDamageBoostLeveled01 (greater))

Deathclaw screenshot is a Mythic Deathclaw at a player level of 564.
Uploaded as a .esm Bethesda master file, in case you want to easily create a mod with this mod as a master. (e.g. compatibility patches)

List of features:
 - Mod Configuration Menu: this mod uses the Mod Configuration Menu to control certain variables, such as outgoing and incoming player damage

 - Enemies scale to player levels, with a minimum level depending on the 'tier' of enemy (e.g. a Mythic deathclaw is a higher tier deathclaw than a Chameleon deathclaw)

 - Tweaked NPC attributes, to emphasise weakness more (it makes sense for ballistic damage to be less effective against robots than energy damage, this wasnt expressed very well in the vanilla game)

 - Leveled enemy damage, this means enemies will get an increasing flat out boost to damage as they get higher levels, so as to make sure enemies that are supposed to be tough do not become cannonfodder at a certain point

 - Leveled player damage, did it ever bother you how much of a bullet sponge enemies can be at very high levels? (we're talking past 50 for some enemies, past 90 for most), no more!, your damage will increase gradually as you level up, to compensate for practically indefinitely increasing enemy health pools (keep in mind that this acts in no way as an alternative to damage boosts gained from perks, you will still very much need those!)

 - Leveled enemy crit chance, enemies gain a higher chance of scoring a critical hit as you level up (this depends on YOUR level, not enemy level, multiplier increases as you level up)

 - Leveled incoming explosive damage, we've all been there I guess, or most of us anyway, when you just dont give a damn anymore about that beeping land mine because itll tickle you at best anyway. Well no more!, all incoming explosive damage is increased ACROSS THE BOARD!, so now explosions will actually feel EXPLOSIVE! (this depends on YOUR level, not enemy level, multiplier increases as you level up)

 - Greater emphasis on 'tough' enemies actually being tough, if it ever discomforted you to realise how impotent deathclaws actually are, fear no more, with this mod they will be frighteningly potent (with deathclaws for example being glass cannons, as lore dictates, they die quickly, but pity the fool that lets one get too close)

 - Less bland bullet damage modifiers, if you are among those who think it makes sense for a bullet to the arm to be less deadly (mind you, less deadly =/= less crippling!) than a bullet to the torso, youll be surprised to learn that in the vanilla game, it doesnt at all matter whether you shoot someone in the left big toe or in the heart, it does the same damage anyway. I have fixed that in this mod, you can expect to do considerably more damage on headshots, and considerably less damage on left-big-toe shots (and arm/leg shots for that matter, but thats not as big of a difference)

 - Encounter zones!, if you are one of the people that like to mine data and open up interesting mods in xEdit, you may be surprised to find encounter zones in this mod, they are mostly useless for this mod at this point. I only really had them for the early stages, as an alternative to scale late game enemies I had not yet individually edited, and I kinda just never removed it in the end. Better have it and not need it than need it and not have it

 - HARD MODE BABY, when the going gets tough, the tough get going, normal version still asswipe for you?, install the hard mode addon, you will be the asswipe then. No really, I mean it, enemies will do double damage compared to the normal version, and incoming melee damage is increased to 150% on top of that (yes, that means most melee attackers will probably straight up kill you in one hit). You will also receive 50% more exp when in hard mode

 - Beefy Bosses, does exactly what it says on the tin, makes bosses beefy! Currently only applies to sentry bot, super mutant behemoth, deathclaw and queen mirelurk. Sentry bot is immune to all damage except explosive or damage done to the fusion cores, super mutant behemoth is immune to all damage except headshot damage (damage increases as head limb damage increases), deathclaw is very resistant to all damage done to its hide (attack its belly instead) and suffers reduced explosion damage, queen mirelurk is immune to all damage except fire damage and suffers reduced explosion damage

To-do list (I may or may not do these):
- Iron out inconsistencies and smoothen the experience
- Edit combat styles of enemies. This will change their behaviour, and I will aim at more interesting behaviour rather than making things more difficult, think of raiders switching to melee if you get too close

V1.9.0 - Added mod configuration using the Mod Configuration Menu - see comments tab for details
V1.8.0 - Nerfed NPC damage at higher levels, added scaling damage reduction to power armour, increased enemy limb damage taken, enemies now do reduced damage at >50% health and full damage at <50% health, FOMOD is now more clear about what Beefy Bosses addon does
V1.7.0 - Nerfed feral ghoul damage (radiation resistance lowers the DoT), nerfed assaultron damage, further emphasised energy damage against robots, numerous fixes/additions/tweaks to Beefy Bosses
V1.6.0 - Adds Beefy Bosses addon
V1.5.0 - Added scaling to more NPC's, added missing edits to some NPC's, tweaked feral ghouls to be more potent, removed some dirty edits caused by the Creation Kit, removed scaling from mirelurk spawns and ant swarms, lowered health of lower tier raiders a bit
V1.4.1 - Edited some stuff with turrets, hopefully incendiary and explosive turrets are less op at high levels now; Tweaked Wasteland Whisperer and Intimidation perks, they now work on enemies at and below your level, instead of only below
V1.4.0 - Edits some human NPC's to be less squishy; sets player damage increase to kick off from level 100 onward, instead of from start
V1.3.1 - Removes dirty morph edits from NPC's (credit goes to Thirdstorm for removing the dirty edits)
V1.3.0 - Changed damage graphs (see extra info tab); added leveled armour penetration for NPC's
V1.2.1 - Added Hard Mode addon (enemies do double damage and melee damage taken is increased)
V1.2.0 - Added support for Nuka World; Changed leveled damage modifiers (needed due to remaking the mod in CK)
V1.1.1 - Fixes issue with disfigured faces

- Basically not compatible with any mod that changes NPCs (Called Actors in the Creation Kit). Though it shouldnt be too big of a problem unless its the encounter NPCs being edited (These have IDs starting with Enc in the Creation Kit, e.g. EncVertibird01 or EncDeathclaw01)
- Since this seems to be misunderstood quite often, it IS compatible with War of The Commonwealth (The encounter zone conflicts are insignificant)



Extra info:


Thirdstorm - For removing dirty edits in NPC's
Mod Configuration Menu - For enabling variable mod settings