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Become the mighty space marine! This mod adds the famous power armor with many of the chapters and two customizable bolt gun's from the Warhammer 40,000 Universe!

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Become the mighty space marine! This mod adds the famous power armor with many of the chapters and two customizable bolt gun's from the Warhammer 40,000 Universe!


The 3D models are all custom to this mod, with custom sound effects for both the bolter and stalker bolter and custom textures. I took some liberty and adjusted the standard space marine design slightly in areas to add a bit of flavor. 

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You can find the complete rundown of the mod below!

*** IMPORTANT - The sounds of the weapons used in the following video are no longer in use, the sounds now used are solely from vanilla***

Map Location 

The power armor, bolt gun and a stalker bolter can be found within an unmarked bunker, there will be two large craters filled with water. The bunker door is next to a single light in one of the two craters. 

ammunition can be found from loot or bought from vendors and crafted at chemistry stations 

Some models can also be viewed on sketchfab

Space Wolves:


Blood Angles:


Planned features 

- release chapter packs with two chapters each for smaller files 

- Make adjustments to bolt gun

- add a some more modifications to the power armor

- add melee weapons 
- power sword
- thunder hammer
- chain sword 

- add more variants to the armor (keep in mind with every variation needs new texture of each of the chapters, so it is a fair bit of work) 
- relic
- potentially Mk.8 
- allot have asked already for terminator and grey knights, also want to do them but for now that is also a maybe

Version & Details

Version 1.3

- changed how the eyes are set up on the helmet, you might notice a slight difference

Bug Fix
- Cannot repair left leg 
- paint jobs for armor show up on other power armor sets, x01, t60 etc 

- Iron Snakes Paint
- Salamanders Paint
- Black Templar Paint 

Version 1.2

- Adds crafting recipes for the .75 and .75 stalker ammunition in the chemistry station 
- removes the dark and blood angle marines and replaces them with angels (I know some people were cringing at that mistake)
- adds a collision box to the .75 stalker ammunition misc item (when dropped the item floated in place untouchable) 
- Sounds have been replaced by vanilla sound effects 

Version 1.0

Original Version


Simply go to the download tab and install through NMM

Manual installation

- Click manual installation instead of download with nexus
- Right click the data.zip folder extract (anywhere will do)
- Move all of the content into the Fallout 4 > Data
- If you had a previous version activated on nexus mod manager you can skip this next step.

- The mod should be un-ticked and located at the bottom of the plugins list, enable the mod.  If it is not there follow steps below

- In Nexus mod manager click on the mods tab
- press the + icon (top left just under the plugins tab) and navigate to Fallout 4 > Data 
- Click the esp, if you don't see anything make sure you have "All Files (*.*)" activated instead of "Mod Files (*.fomod, *.7z, *.zip, *.rar)"


Keep in mind that all the armor and weapons have been renamed, there is also some chapters missing 
- iron snakes
- imperial army
- ultramarines 
- salamander

There is an xbox one version currently available at:


Models not showing up in-game: chances are the mod did not install properly and only the esp file is in the fallout 4 data folder. Follow manual install above.


This mod is not official and it is not endorsed by games workshop.