Fallout 4
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About this mod

Make The Wasteland Sweet Again! A Epic quest along with a All In One of my mods.

Permissions and credits
Guys, the last months I have been working feverishly on a real game! You can purchase it on Steam, click the banner below. Thank you so much for your support!!!

[/b][/u][/size]*Drops the mic*

An Epic Quest and a All In One Combined

I: ChangeLogs
II: Video Trailer
III: Description
IV: Credits
V: Donation/Patreon Information
VI: Known Bugs

Version BRICK
Fixed Doors bug in tinas room
Fixed TD after level 15 to display a message
Some other random things

Version SIREN
Hopefully fixed engram loot detecting Quest NPC's (Tested and seemed to work fine)
Fixed most of the audio in the Turret Defense map
Hopefully fixed the random crash on the preston cow scene
Fixed where the quest would stall if you had kill essentials on
Fixed pylon being able to be replaced
-Forgot to fix the text on the purple engram console, it works as if it's purple ignore that it says orange :P
Castle corner wall can now have items placed on top of it
Fixed synths in their elevator scene
Health drops from engram loot now restore 5% (I think) of survival stats
Cookies when picked up restore 20% of survival stats, figure you are nibbling
Fixed some missing collisions
Various bugs :)  
She should be EXTREMELY stable now :)

Version CL4P.TP.1
Fixed Bodies disappearing if Engram Loot was off -Retroactive
Fixed wood loot from white engrams -Retroactive
Fixed Cow/Preston Scene, would sometimes CTD -Retroactive (May still happen apparently, just reload, going to rebuild the whole scene tomorrow)
Fixed Pre-Combineds in Tinas Cells =Retroactive

This mod adds a quest which combined 30+ of my mods in one epic grabbag.

Upon starting, the 15th enemy killed onward will drop a cookie, pick it up to start the quest. Once started the entire loot system and floating combat text is toggleable. Tina will show you to the control room.

After the quest is completed enemys will have a 8% chance to drop a cookie if Engram Loot is on, or a 8% chance to have a cookie in their inventory if Engram loot is off. The cookies are used in Tinas armory to purchase things to buy or personal upgrades.

The Pylon she allows you to build can unlock around 100 or so build objects in their own specialty build menu (Does not 'clutter' normal menus). The pylon requires a defense minigame to be completed. The pylon can also warp in settlers, increase or decrease build limit (To aid with happiness) among other things, it can also be scaled and put in storage for those not wanting their precious 'immersion' to be broke.

The Turret defense minigame is available after the end of the quest in a lower area in Tinas Bunker.

Models and Texture Work
Voice Actors
Tina - StrayKitten
Synths - SkinnyTecBoy
ClapTrap -
Dungeon Work
DogtoothCG -Pylon Work

The buttons at the top right. You would have thrown 5$ at Bethesda screaming "TAKE MY MONEY" for something like this :)
All proceeds will be divided among those who worked on the project. 
Thanks :)

(Or Click one of these wooo I figured out how to do image link thingys I'm so 1998)

If you have Engram Loot on and a quest person disappears PLEASE TELL ME IN BUG SECTION, it is supposed to detect for both DLC's and vanilla.
I can manually add them via script/LL so let me know for future updates 

If you complete another quest while Tinas intro scene is playing it can obliterate it and you will have to reload. Not sure why yet.

New-U stations can glitch for some people

Tina sometimes loses lip sync - Random

Due to the size and sheer nature of the game effects and changes, I will never support any uninstallation of this mod, uninstall at your own risk.

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A: Yep, pretty much what I thought as well.

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A: I understand you are starstruck, and yes, yes I am one. 

Q: How many sexy selfies have you received?
A: From men or women?

Q: Women?
A: None, they be holding out on me, or they think they are ugly or something

Q: Men then?
A: Don't ask.... Don't tell...

Q: The spelling error...
A: Tina wrote her own mod title, not my fault.