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Companion Stealth Distance Fix (No Free Hugs) by spacefiddle (3 comments)

  1. GraVmaN
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    I had to give this one a kudos and a thank you. I've tried a couple mods that help manage companions but had no joy. One didn't seem to do anything and may have actually been worse.

    I was unloading 48 round drum mags into Ada before I got this mod just out of sheer frustration. I actually wanted to find a way to kill off my companions because they are so useless. Not related to the previous mods, just the vanilla companion setup. Nothing worse than the dead weight "help" blocking everything you do

    Ada still gets in my way, usually while searching around, but its rare and pretty much never in a fight or setting up for a shot. This is just with the base mod too, without the other optional mods it supports which are mentioned in the description.

    Thank you spacefiddle.

    1. spacefiddle
      • premium
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      Awesome, glad it helped and thanks for the kind words!
    2. spacefiddle
      • premium
      • 1,475 posts
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      New update now prevents Dogmeat from charging into player crosshairs every time the player stops. He stops almost as soon as the player, and mostly remains parallel.

      Experimental change to prevent companions ordered to hold from entering combat. Toggling hold off will resume their normal behaviour, aggro radius, etc.