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What kind of newspaper only publishes three articles? Publick Occurrences Expanded is a simple immersion mod adding 5000 words of flavour text from the pen of Piper Wright, with articles currently covering ten major quests and multiple outcomes. Simply install and keep checking in with Nat in Diamond City!

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What kind of newspaper only publishes three articles? What does Piper do in her spare time? How does Nat eat?

Publick Occurrences Expanded is a simple immersion mod that adds extra news articles from Piper's travels with the Sole Survivor. Simply check in with Nat (at Publick Occurrences in Diamond City) to find Three Dog esque reports on your deeds.

This mod is best enjoyed from the start of a new campaign, so you don't get all of the articles at once.


- 5000+ words covering ten major quests

- Different articles for certain 'good' and 'bad' outcomes
- Piper's authentically stodgy writing, as imitated by a real journalist :)


- More minor quests
- Reports on random encounters (dude with pretend guns)
- Unique player name and gender pronouns

Install instructions:

  1. Install the mod with your mod manager of choice (warning: there is a chance that a virtual installation will prevent Nat's audio from triggering. This can be fixed by manually installing, or copying the Sound folder into Fallout 4/Data)
  2. Enable Publick Occurrences Expanded.esp
  3. You're done! Simply check in with Nat after you've completed some quests. You should get an article on your exploits.



Thanks to dandiersphinx for making it NMM compatible, and Taulurium for the VIS patch. Find and kudos them!

This is my first mod for anything - as such there's a chance I've screwed something up. I also have a number of ideas that are way beyond me - stocking the reports at settlement shops, maybe even franchised news stands.

If anyone has any ideas/can improve on this concept, or wants to use the content for another project, get in touch!