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Last updated at 7:28, 2 Aug 2016 Uploaded at 23:36, 29 Jun 2016

This very silly mod adds PrestoGravy, the official Minuteman instant gravy, throughout the Commonwealth.
Goes great with InstaMash. Includes a few recipes too!

PrestoGravy will replenish and extend your action points, and let you carry a bit more for a few minutes.
(In other words, it's a little bit too useful, unlike Preston...)
It won't defend your settlements for you, just like the man himself.

It can be found anywhere packaged foods are sold or scrounged.
Further, if you have the "high quality" ingredients required, it can be crafted.

PrestoGravy is a key ingredient in Preston's special Hasty Poutine recipe, and if you collect all of the necessary elements, you may be able to craft Preston's famously strong Party Punch.

Warning: Use caution when drinking Preston's Party Punch in large gatherings or in public.