Ashlands ENB - An ENB for Vivid Weathers by Spiffyskytrooper
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Added: 28/06/2016 - 08:33PM
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Ashlands ENB is my first ENB modification that I've really tried put into a package and release. I've tried to make ENBs in the past, but they all ended up making their way to my recycle bin. Ashlands, however, grew on me. I originally set out to make Ashlands because I couldn't find and gritty, earthy ENBs that satisfied my taste, and the few that did used ReShade (which IMO is quite annoying). I've been tweaking and editing Ashlands for a while, and I think it's ready for release. It's dark (but not overkill) and instead of the original whitewashed filter of Fallout 4, there's now many added brown tones. The ENB has a light DoF effect, and SSAO. This is generally a light weight ENB so it should work well on high and low end systems. It's also very compatible with weather mods such as "Vivid Weather" or "True Storms". (The one thing I did notice while using Vivid Weathers with this ENB, is that the world becomes a tad darker.)



First, you'll need to install the binary files: http://enbdev.com/mod_fallout4_v0307.htm

Install those files to your Fallout 4 folder, and then install this ENB right after. Replace all files.