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Adds reusable tools for harvesting the items from flora/misc items/corpses on demand, and for collecting loose junk automatically, each within a configurable radius.

Permissions and credits
Please be sure to check the configuration holotape! Collection from corpses has to be enabled here before it will function - the default behavior is to only collect from harvestables that can be activated, like flora.


Adds a "[Utility] Mass Harvester" item to the game, with a corresponding recipe under "[UTILITY]" at the Chemistry Station, along with its configuration holotape.
  • This tool operates as an on-demand pulse - activating runs a single check for all nearby flora/misc. items, before harvesting all candidates found as appropriate
  • This will harvest and collect items within a configurable radius, and then open a container interface showing the acquired items; once this is closed, the player will receive those items
  • The FormID and EditorID for this tool are xx000800 and RdrHarvesterItem respectively (the xx prefix corresponds to this mod's position in your load order)
Additionally, adds a "[Utility] Junk Vacuum" item to the game, craftable in the same category and using the same configuration holotape.
  • This tool operates as a toggle - activating it turns junk collection on or off until the next time it is used; it is probably best to not leave this running
  • When activated, this will automatically add any loose junk items to the user's inventory
  • The FormID and EditorID for this tool are xx009875 and RdrHarvestJunkVacuumItem respectively (the xx prefix corresponds to this mod's position in your load order)
The tools are technically "ingestible" aid items, found in the inventory amongst other consumable items (like Stimpaks or food), and are reusable in the sense that they are not consumed after use.

Also contains optional files to add support for DLC content.


The recipes for the items are configured to disallow crafting more if one of any given item is already in the player's inventory, like that for the configuration holotape.
This is to discourage having more than one at once. There should be no reason to run more than one of any given item simultaneously, and the corresponding logic is coded to catch this, in order to help prevent potential issues.

Activating a tool will "consume" it but then return another almost immediately afterward.
Then, the corresponding script will then search the area in a radius roughly equal to what can be chosen from the holotape.
These values are very loose approximations, and were formed from documentation for the Skyrim version of the Creation Kit; they should still be suitable, but don't rely on them for any sort of precision.

A notification will appear in the corner of the screen indicating the progress of various collection routines within the given radius.
Then, each appropriate item will be processed, and anything yielded will eventually make its way to the user.
The transfer interface for a container may open to show some collected items, depending on the tool used, but no items can be put into it or taken out from it - just close this and the items will be added.

The configuration holotape supports various options for each tool added, including configuring the harvester to harvest flora, or to harvest corpses as well.
The items on any corpse within the harvesting radius will be pooled and presented to the player in the same manner as other yielded items.
Additionally, the holotape supports running both flora and corpse harvesting "at the same time".
  • This will in reality run first the flora harvesting and then the corpse harvesting back-to-back, saving the user from having to change the configuration every time if they want to use all features from this mod.
Flora harvesting can be set to ignore or enforce a requirement that flora not be harvested if that would be stealing for the user; the default behavior is to ignore this requirement.
Corpse harvesting can be set to ignore or enforce a requirement that the actor in question have been killed by the user; the default behavior is to ignore this requirement.

The Junk Vacuum will always collect loose items lying in the world around the player, and uses its own, separate radius.
The Junk Vacuum can be configured to either process or ignore items considered stealing for the user, or even to strip ownership information.


This doesn't alter anything from the base game, so it should be fairly compatible with most mods.
As such, the load order shouldn't matter too much, but any optional patches will of course need to be below both the base plugin for this mod and the DLC/mod agains which the compatibility patch should run. For example, something like this:
[...other DLC...]
[...other DLC...]
[...other ESMs...]
[...other ESMs...]
[...other ESPs...]
[...other ESPs...]

Any mod that adds custom flora or junk items won't work without a patch.
If you have a mod that you really want added you can add a comment or PM me and I can have a look, or you can just make your own patch that adds the new flora to the form list of flora from the base plugin file.
Any mod that changes the ingestible yielded by pre-existing flora records should work, however, provided that it is against the same flora base object and loads before this mod.

This should be compatible with most mods that add new NPCs, provided that they use the keywords shared by other NPCs in the game.
Custom races may possibly introduce problems with being harvested, however, though the scripting tries fairly hard to find all valid corpses.

This mod is compatible with the Graygarden Planters - Quest Reward mod, without any patch being necessary, as tested with version 0.3.0 of that mod.


Try to be gentle with the scripts; I tried to account for most situations, but some activities might cause some trouble, like the following:
  • Fast-travelling away from the activation area immediately after using the item
  • Spam-activating multiple tools within a very short period of time, or quickly changing the harvesting radius between these
  • Trying to coerce actors other than the player into using the tools; while the scripts were written the be agnostic to whoever used it, this has not been tested
  • Installing/uninstalling the mod or DLC plugins, or saving and exiting, while the tools are running; saving and exiting should work, but is not recommended (especially between updating the mod)

The harvester should never take very long to finish, and if it does then something has probably gone wrong; corpses may take longer though.
You may want to consider saving before each activation, because I had some early issues in testing with the game freezing after collecting from larger numbers of harvestables.

This mod has had some light testing to ensure that it functions as expected, but keep in mind that this is just an early release and bugs are very possible.
Please send any suggestions/bug reports my way, and I will do my best to address them.

Try not to travel too far too quickly while the harvester is running; it uses an invisible container to give items to the player, and if this is inaccessible at just the right moment the mod may have unpredictable behavior.

The usual warnings for mods apply - I am not responsible for anything bad that may happen to your saves/game/computer/etc., use at your own risk, ...

Please do not upload this elsewhere.


  • Looking into adding rudimentary support for junk collection. Done! Introduced in V0.3.0 (2016-07-19)
  • Generalize harvesting script to allow for items that aren't strictly flora, or in corpses. Done! Introduced, with just Mirelurk Eggs to start, in V0.2.2 (2016-06-30)
  • Looking into adding experimental support for corpses. Done! Introduced in V0.2.0 (2016-06-30)

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