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A simple renovation of the Mega Surgery Center in Diamond City.

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This mod is now on console!
PS4 Version
XBox1 Version

After the incident with Doc Crocker, Doctor Sun knew he had to do something to regain the customers that the Surgery Center had lost. 
Hence... the Mega Surgery Center Renovation.
It's a relatively small and inconsequential mod, but maybe someone else who hates that dingy place will enjoy it too.
and something had to come of all that Abraxo hoarding, right?

Please upload your screens! I'd love to see how it looks with different ENBs
+ how your character looks in the surgery menu :)


+ A more aesthetically pleasing and clean environment for your Sole Survivor to receive surgery in
+ Lots of static items to keep the feel of the surgery there as well as lootable goods
+ A very lightly renovated exterior of the surgery that includes a tidy up and a couple of waiting benches for other clients of the Surgery.
+ Some decent lighting over the surgery chair so you don't walk out of the surgery looking like you need
some serious help

Fallout 4 base game and Far Harbor DLC
I have not tested this pre Doc Crocker questline, however it only edits furniture etc so everything should still run fine.

I'm assuming it's not compatible with any Diamond City Overhauls or anything like that.

A filing cabinet may be clipping through the couch beside the desk. It has been deleted in the CK
but will not delete in game. Sometimes items will not delete from the game even if they
have been deleted from the CK, so you need to open the console, click on it, and enter in disable for it to disappear.
I recommend saving beforehand just in case you accidentally delete the couch.
** This happens about 1 out of 5 times upon entering the surgery so you may not experience it at all - may not happen in cleaned version at all **

+ The bushes around the exterior shack will probably be 'dead' looking unless you have texture edits installed like I do. 
+ Sun's terminal is inaccessible. 
+ Re-navmeshed and companion friendly.
+ This mod comes AS IS. The only changes that will be added are possible bug fixes. 
I will NOT be making aesthetic changes as I plan to merge this with my Diamond City overhaul in the near future.

Thank you to Sable17 for the help with the file cleaning!

Clearly this mod isn't going to be for everyone. The beauty of the Nexus is that nobody is forcing you to download anything.
Please move along and keep your hate to yourself, thanks!
People put their stuff up for free, you don't need to be a douchelord.

Like when installing all new mods, please back up your saves beforehand.