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Provide a recipe to craft LoveMe, a chem used to raise companion affinity.

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"The LoveMe Pills" will add the following recipe to the Alchemy workbench under the Drug category:

1x Acid
1x Hubflower
1x Mutfruit
1x Plastic
1x Purified Warer

Each LoveMe consumption by the player's character  will increase the affinity of the currently following companion  (to the next affinity threshold currently available for that companion).

There is safeguards upon comsumption:
- You cannot consume a LoveMe if the companion wants to talk you (to avoid missing affinity dialogues and cutscenes)
- You cannot consume a LoveMe without a companion currently following you (to avoid wasting it)
- You cannot consome a LoveMe if the companion has already reached max affinity with you (to avoid wasting it)
- You cannot consome a LoveMe if the companion is not ready yet for the next stage of affinity (to avoid wasting it)

If you don't like the very short sound effect played when eating a LoveMe, you can also install from the Optional Files section:
The LoveMe Pills Silent Sound (You still need the main file)

The mod contains a song extract from: We Are in Love by nhomas (c) 2009 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial  (3.0) license. Ft: Shannonsongs