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This mod will modify all fog in interior cells dynamically, either making it disappear or toning it down to look more subtle. The big difference between this mod and other mods that remove fog is that the process is done dynamically as the player enters each interior cell. There is no longer a need to directly edit the cell records.

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Dynamic Interior Fog Removal

This mod will modify the distance fog in interior cells dynamically, either making it disappear or toning it down to look more subtle. The big difference between this mod and other mods that remove fog is that the process is done dynamically as the player enters each interior cell. There is no longer a need to directly edit the cell records, which doing so would cause plenty of incompatibility issues with new DLCs, updates and other interior cell editing mods.
Old fog removing mods would cause plenty of incompatibility issues (e.g., disappearing meshes) when conflicting with other mods or just by being outdated, and they were a hassle to keep up-to-date because of having to manually maintain many 100s of cell records which would constantly change due to Bethesda updates/DLCs. A lot of the popular fog removing mods are now outdated/abandoned for this reason, but those problems are now in the past with DIFR having come out! An automatic script now takes care of all the hard work without causing any conflict whatsoever by making dynamic runtime changes as opposed to manual edits. Note: This mod doesn't affect hand placed particle-based fog/dust/smoke effects, just the unrealistic background fog planes are affected.

The images section provides comparison screenshots of the different settings that the mod provides, but some of the screenshots contain red colored fog to make it easier to compare (comparison purposes only). Also keep in mind that most screenshots are compressed and don't compare to actually being in the game.

Requirements & Info Before Installing:
- Main Files: No requirements whatsoever, this mod is a strong independent mod.

- FogOut Exteriors Add-on: The "optional" add-on is to be used as a replacement to the old FogOut, and if you use Darker Nights then the patch included on that mod page still works. The modified FogOut add-on only gets rid of the "exterior" weather fog on clear days and nights. It no longer modifies interior cell fog, as that is now Dynamic Interior Fog Removal's job. Note: Do "NOT" use this add-on with weather overhaul mods such as Vivid Weathers, only use this with vanilla weathers like it was intended in order to avoid conflicts. You can always use FO4Edit to compare and see if something is conflicting, although I would recommend that you use a nice weather overhaul mod over FogOut, such as Vivid Weathers found here.

This mod adds a settings holotape to the player's inventory under the misc. tab.
The holotape has three interior fog visibility settings for you to set (Invisible, Subtle and Vanilla), and it has an uninstall menu.

Simply use NMM or drop manually in the Data folder.

- Use the uninstall option in the mod settings holotape main menu, this will safely stop the mod's main script from running.
- Short Summary of Steps: Click yes to uninstall in the mod holotape, save the game and exit, then you may proceed with removing the mod files using a mod manager, and finally save the game again with all the mod files already removed. The last save will no longer be tied to this mod (Clean Save).

Recommendation (Optional):
I recommend the below linked mod as a companion mod to this one (DIFR). Interiors Enhanced will further help in making the interior ambience feel more realistic and rich in color, and will also improve the effect of true darkness in non-lit areas. DIFR does already help in making interior cells look less washed out by getting rid of the bleaching fog, but Interiors Enhanced takes this another step further by modifying ambient lighting to be more realistic.

Interiors Enhanced - Darker Ambient Light and Fog by fadingsignal
Note: Interiors Enhanced does indeed edit interior cell records but it is very well maintained and shouldn't cause any issues, the benefits make it worth it. If you have any interior decoration mods then make sure to put them below Interiors Enhanced in the load order to prevent disappearing meshes. DIFR will still get rid of the interior fog regardless of Interiors Enhanced losing effect on a modded interior cell.

Compatibility (Main Files are 100% Compatible With Anything and Everything!):
- This mod should be compatible with everything including all mods that edit interior cells. There is no need for compatibility patches and that is the whole point of this mod, it will keep working on all future Fallout 4 DLCs and updates!
- Load Order: This mod does not edit vanilla records, so load order is not important whatsoever. The DIFR plugin will work just the same wherever it is placed.

1) Does this mod increase performance?
A: It could help or have no effect on performance at all, this is for you to test out as results can vary depending on your rig. It definitely won't affect performance in a negative way so there is no risk. DIFR was made with the intention of improving visuals in mind, and is not considered a performance mod as can be seen in its designated category.

2) What if I have a low-end computer rig, should I use this mod to help with fps issues?
A: You can always try this mod out and see how much it helps, although improving performance is not the aim of this mod as stated above. If you drastically need a performance increase then there are fog mods under the performance category that actually replace all fog meshes with blank ones, that method is guaranteed to improve performance. Keep in mind that performance increase can vary a lot from system to system.

3) Help I don't have the mod holotape, what can I do!?
A: Use this command (help "Dynamic Interior Fog Removal" 4) and the mod holotape ID of type TERM should appear. Then use the player.additem<item ID> command to manually add the mod holotape to your inventory.

4) Why do I still see fog planes in certain interior cells but not in others?
A: This mod uses this particular Bethesda function to do its job: SetFogPlanes(). The link leads to the wiki description page, this function is limited to modifying only non-sky-lit interior cells according to Bethesda. This is the reason why you may see certain interior cells that are affected by the outside weather not having their fog planes modified.

- Big thanks to the Papyrus Scripting Language.